AMD’s 690G/V Series Chipset Preview and Benchmarks

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USB Performance

HD Tach RW; Version

HD Tach will test the sequential read, random access and interface burst speeds of your attached storage device (hard drive, flash drive, removable drive, etc). All drive technologies such as SCSI, IDE/ATA, 1394, USB, SATA and RAID are supported. Test results from HD Tach can be used to confirm manufacturer specs, analyze your system for proper performance, and compare your performance with others. HD Tach is very easy to use, quick, and presents data in easy to read graphs, including the ability to compare two storage devices on screen at the same time for easy analysis.

To test out the USB read speed we used the Kingston DataTraveler ReadyFlash that was enhanced for Windows ReadBoost. This USB flash drive exceeds the minimum Microsoft ReadyBoost performance requirements for USB drives of: 5 MB/sec throughput for random 4k reads across the entire device, 3 MB/sec throughput for random 512k writes.

Hard Drive Average Speed

The average read speed was close, but the AMD 690G was about three percent slower on average.

Hard Drive Burst Speed

The burst speed on the on all of the motherboards was nearly identical, so it is likely that the USB key was pushed to its limit.

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