AMD Trinity APUs Coming To Notebooks This Month, Desktops in August

Digitimes is reporting that AMD is set to launch its latest A series APUs codenamed Trinity this month for notebooks only. If you want to run a Trinity APU on the desktop you will have to wait until August. The sources pointed out that the Trinity processors’ prices will be lower than the same-level Ivy Bridge processors from Intel, providing notebook players a different and cheaper solution for choices; however, since ultrabook’s pricing still has not yet met a satisfactory level, the two CPU makers are unlikely to see transition between previous and new platforms to take off until the third quarter.

AMD Trinity Laptop

AMD is set to launch its desktop Trinity processors including A10-5800K, A10-5700, A8-5600K, A8-5500, while will also releasing A6 (Weatherford) and A4 (Richland) series processors. All these processors are manufactured by Globalfoundries, adopting a 32nm process. In June, AMD will release low-power consumption, entry-level Brazos 2.0 – the new C and E series processors including 18W E2-1800 (1.7GHz) and E1-1200 (1.4GHz). In the third quarter, AMD will release new FX series processors including FX-8350, FX-6300 and FX-4320. After Bulldozer, AMD will release Steamroller structure in 2013 and Excavator in 2015 and for notebook processors, the company will launch Kaveri processors to replace Trinity and Kabini APUs to replace Brazos 2.0.


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