AMD Trinity A10-5800K APU Gets Benchmarked

AMD’s A10-5800k a Trinity-based APU has been tested. The new APU will be AMD’s flagship for the Trinity lineup, it is a quad-core design clocked at 3.8 GHz with Turbo Core 2.0 raising the clock speed to 4.2 GHz. The chip will come packed with 4Mb of L3 Cache, along with an HD7660D graphics solution, which falls within a 100W thermal design power (TDP). When compared to AMD’s A8-3850, the A10-5800k shows a big performance boost on the GPU front, while the CPU performance increase is minor at best.

AMD Trinity A10-5800k Benchmarks

AMD Llano A8-3850 Benchmarks

3DMark 06 CPU Score:

  • A10-5800K: 4304 Marks
  • A8-3850: 3814 Marks

3DMark 06 SM 2.0 Score:

  • A10-5800K: 3285 SM 2.0
  • A8-3850: 2139 SM 2.0

3DMark 06 SM 3.0 Score:

  • A10-5800K: 4067 SM 3.0
  • A8-3850: 2552 SM 3.0

Super Pi 1M Calculations:

  • A10-5800K: 23.775 Sec/li>
  • A8-3850: 26.039 Sec

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