AMD Starting To Send Out Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Game Codes To Radeon Users

Earlier this month, AMD announced that it was adding a new game title to the Never Settle Reloaded game bundle promotion. This title was the sublimely nostalgic Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, which became the fifth title of the game bundle joining BioShock Infinite, Crysis 3, Tome Raider and Far Cry 3. AMD decided to make Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon a retroactive freebie for anyone who has ever redeemed an a game bundle code in a region Blood Dragon is available!

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

AMD informed us this afternoon that code distribution started earlier today today and they expect it to run approximately seven days. As you can imagine this is a ton of game codes and AMD and Ubisoft are working as fast as they can to deploy this huge batch of codes to AMD Radeon customers. Codes will be delivered by email to the addresses customers provided when they redeemed their bundle codes. AMD wants to make sure you get the code, so be sure you are still opted in for AMD emails so that they can send them without violating the US CAN-SPAM act. You can also add to your email client’s whitelist to be sure it comes through as well.

AMD Never Settle Reloaded promotion


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