AMD Shows Off New FX-Series Processor With Water Cooling

Over the weekend, AMD Corporate Vice President Global Channel Sales Roy Taylor showed off what appears to be an AMD FX-Series Processor that comes bundled with a liquid cooling system. Could this be AMD’s response to the Intel Devil’s Canyon processor series that was recently announced?  Taylor mentioned that “something new is coming,” so we can only assume that AMD will be releasing a high-end processor that is likely fully unlocked. This is great news for fans of Team Red and the processor will be the successor to the AMD FX-9590 that was released last year.  The AMD FX-9590 32nm Vishera 8-Core processor was the world’s first 5GHz processor and got some notoriety because of that. The AMD FX-9000 series is also pretty toasty with a 220W TDP, so with a thermal envelope like that you can image that bundling a closed-loop liquid cooler is ideal. The Intel Core i7-4790K Devil’s Canyon processor has an 88W TDP.

There isn’t much else to say as Mr. Taylor didn’t divulge any additional information and none have leaked our about the processor when he made the Twitter post.  Here is a look at the packaging for the upcoming AMD FX-Series Processor:


AMD FX Processor