AMD Ryzen Mobile APU’s Will Feature On-Die Vega Graphics – 40 Percent Boost

AMD Compute Graphics

Before AMD Ryzen processors came out, AMD processors were positioned to the mainstream market and below. Now that AMD has released seven different processors in the Ryzen series the company can now target the high performance compute market. There are three AMD Ryzen 7 processors that came out on March 2nd, 2017 and then those were followed up by four AMD Ryzen 5 on April 11th, 2017.

AMD Premium Market Coverage Before Ryzen

Thanks to the better performing Ryzen processors, AMD can now focus on gaining share in the premium market segment where the majority of revenue is made for corporations.

AMD Ryzen Premium Market Coverage

AMD took all seven of their Ryzen series processors and compared them to the closest priced Intel processor in multi-threaded workloads and found that they had a significant performance lead over Intel.

AMD Ryzen Versus Intel CPUs

AMD says the best is yet to come as Ryzen 3 processors will be coming out in Q3 2017 and Ryzen Mobile processors will be coming to the consumer market. You also have Ryzen Pro and Mobile Ryzen Pro processors. The Ryzen Mobile processors will have on-die Vega graphics.

AMD Ryzen Rollout

AMD Ryzen Mobile will be the first ‘Zen’-Based APU and it will have 50% more performance than AMD’s current mobile processors. The Ryzen Mobile processors will also have improved graphics performance thanks to the integrated on-die Radeon Vega graphics cores.

AMD Ryzen Mobile