AMD readies Taylor, Trinidad and Socket S1, M1

 CHIP FIRM AMD said in documents seen by the INQ that while its Lancaster 25W and 35W mobile socket 754 is scheduled for Q1 of this year, it has some other product offerings on its table.

Never forget that Turion – known as [Cen]Turion to the INQ – has a similar flying glyph to the Intel Centrino brand, and is a brand umbrella, not a single chip, just like Chipzilla’s parasol. But Turion isn’t as important to AMD as Ivanhoe* – which is the real secret weapon in AMD’s branding plans.

If AMD sticks to its Ivanhoe last, this will be a way to change people’s mind about Centrino. AMD internal market research shows most of us dumb consumers think Centrino is a processor, proving how successful Intel has been. There will probably be a logo launch for “Ivanhoe”.”


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