AMD Readies Socket M2 for Forthcoming Processors

 Advanced Micro Devices has always been very reluctant to change mainboards infrastructure for its processors, but the things may change when the company introduces its next-generation Socket M2 next year, two years after it brought Socket 939 out, according to the slides over the Internet that resemble AMD?s roadmap.

The Socket M2 is set to be introduced across the range of AMD desktop microprocessors, including performance, mainstream and value chips, in the first half of 2006. The chips that will be intended for the Socket M2 infrastructure are currently known under < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Windsor, Orleans and Manila code-names. Thermal and other specifications for the Socket M2 products are unknown, but it is known that all of such central processing units are to be produced using 90nm silicon-on-insulator fabrication process.”


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