AMD Radeon HD 6800 Video Card Benchmarks Leaked

A Chinese website called PCinlife Forums has obtained what they call is real performance data for one of the still-unannounced AMD Radeon HD 6800 series video cards. The numbers are actually impressive as 3DMark Vantage benchmark results showed scores of X12092 and P24499, which is more than previous leaks. This could be due to more mature drivers (they are using driver for benchmarking). The site also shows a Crysis benchmark frame rate of 43.55 FPS at 1920×1200 with “Very high” settings and 4X antialiasing, and a Unigine Heaven v2.1 score of 922 with “extreme” tessellation at 1900×1200 fullscreen resolution.

AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series Video Card Heaven Benchmark

But, can it play Crysis? At Very High, 1920×1200, 4x AA, the HD 6870 comfortably plays along at 43.55 fps. The minimum fps is 29.57. Crysis has been well and truly conquered at HD resolutions with high IQ settings. At these kind of settings, previous single GPU cards barely broke 30 fps average, which means the HD 6870’s minimum framerate is the same as the average of HD 5870 / GTX 480. Remarkable!


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