AMD Phenom II Black Edition TWKR Edition Processors!

AMD dropped off some fresh TWKR Black Edition Phenom II chips over at MainGear PC a couple weeks ago and it seems they have posted an update about these new mystery processors. AMD didn’t tell them much about the new mysterious CPU other than it should overclock really well and are essentially hand picked and binned Phenom II X4 955 processors. Our sources inside AMD informed us that these TWKR edition processors are meant for extreme overclocking as the core of the CPU has high leakage, which is what is more desirable for overclocking. These high-leakage chips are best used with LN2 and phase change cooling in order to reach their full potential. No word on pricing, but we can expect these to be priced more than the Phenom II X4 955 if they come out retail and those processors run $245 shipped.

AMD TWKR Black Edition Phenom II

As I was getting ready to post this information up this morning, I received an e-mail from AMD informing me that disclosing information detailing the speeds and test results of the TWKR chip would be in violation of our mutual NDA. I apologize for this teaser post instead. It seems that AMD does have a plan for this product after all. I will be able to disclose a full report after June 30th. What I can tell you is that the TWKR chip does OC beyond the limits of the 955 BE cpu.


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