AMD Pays $320M To Change GlobalFoundries Contract – Reduces Wafer Orders

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) recently announced that the company is paying GlobalFoundries $320 million to modify its wafer purchase agreement with the contract wafer manufacturer. The announcement comes as AMD continues to struggle as it competes against Intel in a very tough PC market. The amended contract allows AMD to reduce its wafer purchase commitments for Q4 2012 and modify the agreement for the years after that. No sense in making wafers of processors that aren’t selling, so this appears to be a money saving move for AMD.


Announcement details:

  • AMD lowered its wafer purchase commitments for the fourth quarter 2012.
  • AMD currently estimates that it will purchase wafers from GLOBALFOUNDRIES for approximately $115 million in the fourth quarter 2012 and $1.15 billion in fiscal 2013. AMD has also committed to purchase wafers from GLOBALFOUNDRIES for approximately $250 million during first quarter 2014.
  • AMD expects to negotiate the remainder of its 2014 purchase commitments from GLOBALFOUNDRIES in 2013.
  • AMD will make a termination payment of $320 million related to the take-or-pay agreement with GLOBALFOUNDRIES associated with the adjusted wafer purchase commitments in fourth quarter 2012.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates that the long-term strategic partnership between AMD and GLOBALFOUNDRIES continues to benefit both companies,” said Rory Read, president and chief executive officer, AMD. “GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ performance in meeting our delivery requirements in 2012 was strong and they remain a strategic and important foundry partner moving forward. We are committed to develop and grow our business with GLOBALFOUNDRIES, increasing our engagement across our industry leading APU and graphics roadmaps. The newly amended agreement is another step we are taking to further strengthen our relationship with GLOBALFOUNDRIES as well as AMD’s financial foundation.”

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