AMD Launches The Socket AM2 Platform

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What AMD Processors Will Be AM2

AMD has kept things simple with their transition over to Socket AM2, so if you were familiar with the model numbers on the current Athlon 64 (A64) series you will be in luck.  Many of the processors from the current A64 line have been brought over from Socket 939 with their same cache and frequency specifications, though there are some exceptions that need to be noted.

The AM2 Sempron and A64

AM2 Model Numbers Available on June 1st, 2006: 

AMD Athlon 64 FX processor:     FX-62
AMD Athlon 64 X2 processors:    5000+, 4800+, 4600+, 4400+, 4200+, 4000+, and 3800+
AMD Athlon 64 processors:       3800+, 3500+
AMD Sempron processors: 3600+, 3500+, 3400+, 3200+, and 3000+

After looking over the list of processors it can be found that the AMD A64 FX-60 is a Socket 939 processor only, but for Socket AM2 AMD has added an A64 X2 4000+ that is not available on 939 platforms. With the introduction of the AM2 platform AMD has launched two new processors the FX-62 and X2 5000+.

The FX-62 and the X2 5000+ both surpass the previous fastest FX and X2 and are now the flagship processors in the FX and X2 lines.  

The AM2 A64 X2 and FX Series

Green Friendly Power Consumption:

According to sources, the new chips would cost about 5 percent more than AMD’s standard desktop chips, but customers would make up that difference through electricity savings.

All the regular X2 processors now have a new, lower maximum power specification of 89 watts (down from 110) for socket AM2.  All the regular Athlon 64 processors have a lower max power spec? 65 watts (down from 89).  Semprons also have the 65 watt maximum specification.  Better still, AMD is offering a line of Energy Efficient processors available on Socket AM2 for the desktop that have maximum wattage specifications of 65 watts and even 35 watts for a small premium over the regular model numbers.  Energy efficient processors deliver the same performance (frequency, cache, etc.) with lower heat and power.  Keep in mind that AMD?s specified true maximum power represents consumption under full load at the most extreme conditions and is not comparable to the competition?s claimed “typical” power consumption numbers which do not represent the most extreme conditions possible.

Meet The 65W and 35W AMD AM2 Processors:

AMD has already announced Energy Efficient processors (Press Release) on May 16th, but today we can talk about the AM2 product specifics for the first time.

Energy Efficient models available at 65 Watts max power:
        AMD Athlon 64 X2 processors:    4800+, 4600+, 4400+, 4200+, 4000+, and 3800+

Energy Efficient models available at 35 Watts max power:
        AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor:  3800+
        AMD Athlon 64 processor:  3500+
        AMD Sempron processors:  3400+, 3200+, and 3000+

Using technology developed for Blade servers and Opteron processors, the new energy efficient desktop processors can deliver much greater performance-per-watt over the current production processors, and reduce overall power consumption. AMD has claimed improvements of up to 37 percent performance-per-watt than standard power AMD processors. These new energy efficient processors have gone through extra testing to be certified to run at such low power consumption therefore consumers will have to pay extra to get one of these processors.  Right now these 65W and 35W processors cost roughly 6-15 percent  more than AMD’s standard desktop chips, but consumers will eventually make up that difference through electricity savings in the years to come.

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