AMD Hosting Fan Day and BF4 Tournament in San Jose on November 13th

We just found out that AMD will be hosting a Fan Day next week including the world’s first Battlefield 4 tournament. AMD’s  Fan Day will be taking place in San Jose, California November 13, 2013. It looks like the day will be filled with BF4 tournaments, contests and raffles. AMD has also teamed up with a number of partners and has rounded up $50,000 in prizes that will be given out at the event! The be part is that the event is free and that AMD will be providing 100 free play machines to try out Battlefield 4 on!

WHAT: AMD Fan Day San Jose – a day fun and the world’s first Battlefield 4 tournament!
WHEN: November 13, 2013
WHERE: San Jose Convention Center, 150 W. San Carlos St., San Jose
TIME: 9 am to 8 pm
COST: Free
  • christianh

    Kaveri AHOY… I figured they’d use Kaveri for some systems…


    NVIDIA HAVING FANS IS EVEN FUNNIER be sure to bring checkbooks as your wallets will be empty and so will your framerates

    • bobsmith

      your a fucking loser mate, get some friends.

      • Virus

        And you’re a fuckin BUTT-HURT FANBOY

        I cant believe how defensive people get over Stupid NVidia, that only rips people off.

  • arterius2

    rofl AMD fans, now that’s an oxymoron if I hear it. Be sure to bring your clubs and horns people!

    • Virus

      I thought it was funny “Leave your wallets at home” for an Nvidia event ROFLMAO