AMD Gaming Evolved App Now Being Used By 1 Million Gamers

AMD Raptr

AMD and Raptr gave a press briefing this afternoon about the AMD Gaming Evolved App to show how much the App has grown. Raptr is a social networking website and instant messenger, targeted towards video game players. The company was founded by Dennis Fong, co-founder of Xfire, and included as an optional install since being announced in September 2014 at GPU ’14. The goal of the App is to give gamers the best experience every single time they play a game. The AMD Gaming Evolved App is powered by Raptr and automatically determins the optimal settings based on FPS and visual quality for your specific hardware and the game titles. Raptr is able to do this as they have a community of over 20 million users and they crowd source the data for the settings from those users. AMD and Raptr both feel that crowd souring is the best way to determine optimal settings. They have a system that looks at the hardware configurations, game settings and performance metrics for all the gamers in the community and use algorithms for determining the best settings for your system.

AMD raptr Beta Update

In under three months there have been roughly 1 million installs of the beta app! This is a good number of people in such a short time, but keep in mind that the AMD Gaming Evolved App is an optional install in AMD Catalyst drivers.

The number of games supported by the app has gone from 17 titles at the launch on September 24 to over 65 games today.  Raptr is very happy with the addition of 48 game titles since the beta App was released.


The AMD Gaming Evolved APP also allows for social aspects.  This means you can live broadcast on Twitch.TV, share screenshots, voice chat and watch Youtube videos or jump on Facebook and Twitter when gaming.


One interesting piece of information that we were shown is that 50% of the gamers that use the Gaming Evolved App choose to use the optimization features. Of those that optimized their settings, 91% of them decided to keep the settings proposed by the built-in optimization feature! This is a sign that the optimizations from the crowd sourced data is working properly. The downsides to crowd sourced data is when some new games that don’t have beta versions won’t have day of launch optimizations and the same goes for brand new video cards.

AMD also announced today that the latest build of the AMD Gaming Evolved App can now detect what driver you are using and alerts you if a new driver is available. This new feature will give you notices on both beta and WHQL drivers. Another feature that they are planning on adding is a FPS counter, so more features are planned.

The message given by AMD is that the Gaming Evolved App is doing well and here to stay!