AMD FX-8150 ‘Bulldozer’ Hits 8.4GHz and Breaks Overclocking World Record

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AMD FX ‘Bulldozer’ Extreme Cooling Demonstration Event

AMD Bulldozer World Record Overclocking Event

AMD recently invited Legit Reviews to their campus in Austin Texas. While we were there we had the opportunity to see an overclocking demonstration with AMD’s newest processors, the AMD FX series of processors. Not only did we have the opportunity to see what they could do under air cooling, but we also saw phase change cooling, liquid Nitrogen, and even Liquid Helium! We aren’t able to give you specific details on the processor architecture or performance numbers just yet. Today though, we have the chance to see how far the top AMD overclockers are able to push the new AMD FX processors under extreme cooling! While we were there we were able to take some video of the overclocking demonstration, so we thought we would share that with you!

In the video above Simon gives us an overview of the “Science Experiment” we are about to see with the AMD FX processors!

Simon shows of the phase change system that they have an AMD FX processor running at nearly 5.9GHz at just over 1.6 Volts at -40 degrees Celcius!

In the above video Simon Solotko introduces Sami Maekinen and Brian Mchlachlan. Sami and Brian are two of the top AMD overclockers in the world, and today they are going to be shooting for a world record with the new AMD FX processor and Liquid Helium. After the introduction by Simon, Sami walks us through the process he is using to push the new processors.

Above we can listen to Sami talking about the settings they are using to try and break world records with the AMD FX processors.

Sami talks about switching over to liquid Helium. Mentioning that they need to try and keep the extremely cold Helium gasses from going to the motherboard and freezing it. The liquid Helium is capable of causing much more damage from freezing than the liquid Nitrogen is. They first cool down the system using liquid Nitrogen, let that boil out so that the liquid Helium doesn’t freeze the liquid Nitrogen!

Here we can see what everything looks like just as they start cooling with the Liquid Helium!

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