AMD Fusion Demo Video Leaked – Llano Outperforms Sandy Bridge

A YouTube user from Ukraine has posted up several videos of AMD’s upcoming Llano notebook platform that are worth a look at before they possibly get pulled down. The video compares an AMD Accelerated quad-core processor A8-3510MX with AMD Radeon HD 6620M graphics to an Intel Core i7-2600 ‘Sandy Bridge’ processor with Intel HD 3000 graphics and shows that Llano performs better.

AMD Llano Demo

Keep in mind that the The Llano processor features a clock speed of 1.8GHz with turbo up to 2.5GHz which is much lower than the clock speed of the 2600K, which runs at 3.4GHz and turbos up to 3.8GHz. The video shows the Intel system running a GPU benchmark at 3.99 FPS while the Llano chip runs at 19.21 FPS. You can check out the demonstration video for yourself below.

The same YouTube user has three more Llano videos with the quad-core processor A8-3510MX being shown off here, here and here that you can look at.


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