AMD Cuts Prices Of Phenom II & FX Series Processors

AMD, who has just recently launched two new FX series processors, has now issued price drops on older models. The price cuts affect two FX-Series models, and further reduces prices on multiple Phenom II models. The price drop ranges from a modest 2% up to a staggering 15%, with the Phenom II 955, 965, 975 and 980 all seeing a 10% cut or more. The FX-8120 Black Edition will see a 10% cut, with the FX-6100 Black Edition getting a 6.5% cut. These price drops definitely put AMD’s processors in a better light for enthusiasts and gamers alike.

AMD CPU Price Cuts

As you may know, AMD yesterday launched two FX microprocessors, including company’s first production CPU, operating faster than 4 GHz. New product releases are usually accompanied by price drops of older models, and it wasn’t an exception this time.


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