AMD CORE Evolution Teaser Video

Advanced Micro Devices recently released a teaser image and video for the  “Core is back” marketing campaign on their Facebook page. The campaign is obviously designed to promote AMD’s processors and we can only assume that they are talking specifically about their Fusion accelerated processing units (APU), heterogeneous chips containing x86 and highly-parallel graphics processing cores.


The above photo was posted on AMD’s official Facebook page with the following statement, “The war continues to rage and battles may be lost but heroes will evolve. #AMDEvolved”.

The above photo was posted with the following statement, “As you browse the web, play games, watch videos, and get work done — your PC is being tested. Applications fight for resources in order to be responsive and complete tasks. Processors battle these applications to control resources and maintain balance. Re-live the epic battle within your PC and watch hardware rise to the challenge as applications become more robust.”

The minute long video shows how applications (depicted as some type of fictional character) fight for resources in a computer and how AMD’s computing cores (depicted as white fighters with swords) fight back. The video shows a white AMD fighter get defeated by a new and powerful application. The video states that some battles are lost and things evolve. Then a new fighter in red and black armor emerges with a sword in one hand and what appears to be a gun in the other. The video ends by saying Core is Back in 2014, so it looks like AMD is going to have a new core architecture out this year?