AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta 8 Driver Released

AMD just sent us word that they have released AMD Catalyst 12.11 beta 8 drivers. This driver has performance improvements for Far Cry 3, Plaetside 2 and Max Payne 3. It also resolves some issues in Skyrim and Dishonored! Download the AMD Catalyst 12.11 beta drivers here.

AMD Ruby

Please note that AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta8 includes all of the fixes found in previous versions of AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta

  • Includes single GPU performance updates for Far Cry 3
  • Improves CrossFire scaling for Planetside 2 (CrossFire scaling is still limited to ~30% at 2560×1600)
  • Improves performance up to 5% in Max Payne 3
  • Resolves the Skyrim lighting issue (missing a lighting pass) for the AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series
  • Resolves the hang encountered playing Dishonored on the AMD Radeon HD 6000 and AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series
  • AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta 8 for Linux includes significant performance improvements for Left for Dead 2

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