AMD Bulldozer FX-8120 Retail CPU Bought and Benchmarked

It appears that someone in the Ukraine has been able to buy a retail boxed AMD FX-8120 ‘Bulldozer’ Processor! This is the chip that is coming out later this week that is based on the Zambezi architecture. The buyer of the processor ran a bunch of benchmarks on the ASUS M5A99X EVO AM3+ motherboard that features the AMD 990FX Chipset. The benchmarks don’t look that impressive, but it goes along with other numbers that have leaked out on the internet in recent weeks. This retail boxed FX-8120 looks to be legit too as it features the metal tin along with the proper HSF, sticker and even the warranty booklet. Expect our full review on the AMD FX-8150 later this week.

retail boxed AMD FX-8120 Bulldozer Processor

AMD FX-8120 ‘Bulldozer’ Processor Benchmark Results:

  • Cinebench R11.5 (Multithread): 4.89 Points
  • Fritz Chess Benchmark: 9417 Kilonodes/s
  • WPrime (32M): 12.542 sec
  • WPrime (1024M): 375.121 sec
  • SuperPI (1M): 25.836 sec
  • AID64: 10682 Read/ 9705 Write/ 9945 Copy/ 53.8ns

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