AMD Beema and Mullins APU Performance – 3rd Generation APUs

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Gaming Performance – Dirt 

Dirt Showdown

Dirt Showdown is a game developed and published by Codemasters for Windows, X-box 360 and Playstation 3.  Originally released in June 2012, it is a part of the Colin McRae Rally game series and uses the EGO gaming engine developed by Codemasters and Sony.  The Ego engine allows rendering of highly detailed damage, large scale environments and more realistic physics.  The player is placed in a series of events that offer a wide range of racing tournaments across different tracks.  As events are won, the player is provided game money to purchase additional cars or upgrades to their existing cars.  Codemasters has done a nice job at integrating a static benchmark, allowing us to get a good picture of the gaming performance.  As this is going to be used to benchmark tablets, we will utilize the Low graphic settings for the test, while keeping the resolution at 1920×1080.

AMD Mullins Dirt Showdown FPS

The previous graphics tests showed the AMD Discovery tablet having a huge advantage over the HP Atom tablet, Dirt Showdown shows a difference, however the difference comes across as 1 FPS, that comes to 6.2% difference in performance in Dirt Showdown.

AMD Mullins Discovery Gaming

While AMD envisions different accessories to go along with tablets, one is a gaming add-on.  Here the tablet can slide into the cradle giving the user multiple controls that most are familiar with already from the console world; additional trigger buttons are located above the joysticks, like they are on modern console controllers.

AMD Discovery Accessories

 The gaming controller accessory isn’t the only one that AMD envisions, they also see the need for a docking station to provide video output up to 4K resolutions at 30Hz, ethernet connectivity, and USB ports.  A top mounted web camera is also a possibility, allowing the tablet to lay flat and still utilize the web camera; this seems to be un-necessary as a front and rear camera could provide the same functionality (obviously without being able to be laid flat).

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  • Coach

    LOL! These multiple Intel i7 posts are all the same person, “Do you understand?” AMD’s price-point is much lower than Intel and even the Iris graphics cannot compete with AMD APUs in the graphics arena. For the uses mentioned above, AMD is clearly the choice.

    • move to (Non-AMD) platform now

      No, you can go with Iris graphics along with $150 dollar Nvidia Graphics card because you get better and reliable video and graphics experiences. AMD has alot of problems with their graphics because I used to have AMD Video card and it broke on me when I was playing more video games every single day in 2007.

      • john

        2007???? Dude we’re like close to a decade later… amd isn’t even the same company any more… and what graphics hardware did amd have in 2007 remind the audience we can’t remember… geez

        • Medallish

          He’s just a troll, spreading misinformation.

        • Nv-3

          It is not mis-information, it is the reality that Intel and Nvidia delivers always on reliability, constant performance than AMD products. If you think they cost more, what you spend is what you get and that is the correct answer.

        • christianh

          Is that why the last few Intel chips were delayed and why nVidia got removed from Apple products…?

        • correct answer

          Apple should choose Nvidia again over AMD on newer Mac Pro lineup as soon as possible. Intel Chips were delayed because they care about reliability and constancy as much than AMD.

        • christianh

          You sound like a Republican trying to defend not extending unemployment..

        • AA

          But than again he is right to a certain extent. Intel generally wait till yields are good before shipping the product just like what there are doing now in broadwell. However u got to know that intel has the finance to do it. Amd on the other hand need to compete on a much smaller budget and so dosen have the luxury to be that strict in their product. Generally as long as it works under normal operating conditions than they pass the chip. But still this normal operation works for most ppl

        • christianh

          But if it were AMD, it would be see, they can’t get anything out on time…

        • john

          You’re such a kid… intel delayed 14 nm because it is excuciatingly expensive. Whule loosing money on mobile chips at 20nm may ne sustainable for the moment to increase market share it is only to let 14nm step in and take the cream. If however 20nm mobile can’t create a large enough beachhead expect more delays for 14nm at least for mobile…

          Meanwhile on the other side of the proberbial fence samsung has teamed up with glofo. This means bad things for intel. While intel may sel for scraps… samsung can just outfitsome of its lines with 14nm fifet chips and it would drain theyr capacity… not needing to rely on rebatea or bribes. Samsung is effectivelly vertically integrated now and couldn’t care less about intel. This means that intels “fab superiority” is slowly but surelly evaporating along with everything else. Remember samsung is a few times bigger then intel and can burn through much more cash to satisfy its needs. Now this does not directly mean great things for amd… but now intel has a much bigger problem then amd to worry about. Plus samsung already announced it will use the new amd mobile chips… so something is kooking.

        • Fuchur84

          And why should they? They usually go for reliable and good on Macs and you say the whole company is wrong about their decission because of one AMD system that broke for you? Let me guess: You are a genius right? Or maybe some sort of half-god? Otherwise why would you question one of the most sucessful companies (I do not even like them very much, but you have to admit they are doing great) without any kind of evidence, statistics or at least reputation?

        • john

          Ok … you are an imbecile 12 years old frustrated virgin moma’s boy now are you??

          Life lesson 1: don’t know how to build a computer -> then just don’t do it
          Life lesson 2: statistics numbers are considered 40 plus -> your moma’s computer is NOT statistically relevant.
          Life lesson 3: hating or loving a company because of one experience defines the term fanboy which is the most masic internet troll usually with very low life experience and iq.
          Life lesson 4: Both amd and intel or amd and nvidia have had theyr fiar shares of succeas AND failures, all of them have both happy and not-so-happy customers.
          Life lesson 5: ranting without a good argumentation and a claim basis is the quintesential way of detecting imbeciles.
          Life lesson 6: amd stole x86 from intel by reverse engineering untels chips and thus creating the only valid intel opposition. Intel bribed all major oems to use intel chips and thus skyrocketting cpu prices and affording to never or rarelly innovate anything. Which one do you thinks is the better company now?
          Life lesson 7: before hd 4xxx series there was no amd instead it was ati. Ati has struggled for years to get a leg up on nvidia funny it succeded only under the AMD name. Also nvidia bought 3dfx a while back. 3dfx has sli 4 years before nvidia finally introduced it to the public. Intel is paying some 1 and a half billion $ per 3 years to nvidia to lease out all its patents… yet it still took it almost 8 years to get to iris pro and claim a tiny victory against amd’s GPU arm. Still iris pro is a huge gpu and only the variant with 128mb on die cache is beating the amd apu which os both smaller works at lower frequencies and relies on the normal system memory.
          Life lesson 8: all i said up here you can verify online and … unlike your atatements.

        • Life truth

          I disagree with some of your statements because life lessons are not good for choosing best, reliable processors. I never liked AMD Because Athlons break on me and their future processors are garbage. If my mom’s laptop is not relevant, understand that people have to have money to get powerful and consistently fast touch laptop which is way better than AMD A10 mobile chip. For everybody, it is wise to spend $1000 dollars on core i7 laptops if you want to get fastest and consistently reliable computer experience for over 10 hours a day without head on system disruptions. Intel Iris pro and Nvidia Graphics combo is the only way to get best laptop graphics performance and speed while balancing battery life.
          I think Intel is still a best company because their reliability is great than AMD. Computer makers like HP or Dell still use Intel processors for computer cpu’s.
          The reason why intel core i7 processors cost more is because it does not have any problems in long run as AMD Processors.

        • john

          I have built at least 40-50 amd systems… and made specs for some other 100-200 AMD systems along the years. not ONCE did I have a failing AMD CPU. I had failing motherboards, failing harddrives, failing optical drives or flopy drives back in the day, I had failed & burned gpus but not ONCE did I have a grilled AMD chip after 2 bartons I grilled back in the day.

          And no it makes absolutelly NO sense at all to build a computer and not even a laptop if you don’t need the 1-2 hours of extra battery life to buy intel. NONE!

          Let me explain on an actual example:

          A laptop with 256 GB SSD + 6GB RAM + A10 5757M with windows 8.1 installed on it is 850$. An equivalent laptop with intel would set you back at least 1000$+ this is before you take into consideration the GPU part of the AMD chip. When you do that you will need at least a 1500$ laptop to match it.

          Now you might argue building a laptop with a more powerful intel chip but without the ssd. That is the biggest mistake one could do because:

          1 – A HDD goes bad after 2-3 years, 5 at most in a laptop(if you don’t actually use it like a laptop but more like a desktop)
          2 – A HDD is blatantly slow especially the laptop ones are mostly 5400rpm which is close to calling them trash.
          3 – A HDD uses actually MORE power so reduces battery life.
          4 – The life of a HDD is much shorter in a mobile device than that of an SSD.
          5 – Because the hdds in laptops are so slow most performance gains you can achieve on a laptop are with a ssd not a better cpu (we’re not talking about special purpose & gaming rigs)

          So I would and do always chose to buy a cheaper comparable CPU that is WAY better in graphics and use the extra cache for an SSD and maybe an external 1-2tb drive for multimedia.

          Remember at graphics an A10-5757M beats by a good 30% an i7 3770K chip that costs about double, taking a cpu penalty . You would actually need a much more expensive chip to beat this one in graphics. So… You NEED to by either a hugely expensive iris pro chip OR buy a laptop with an extra GPU. Meaning you’re sacrificing a LOT of battery time for some performance added.

          Plus saving cash for an ssd is always wise as these make most application fly because that is the single biggest bottleneck in a laptop.

          The reason why intel chips generally cost more relative to even CPU only equivalent performance from amd (with some notable exceptions!) is that there are many MANY idiots that think that because intel SELLS at more expensive price and has the better PR and more money it must be the better product. When history clearly shows that a string of 2 excellent chips from AMD will take billions in bribe money and billions in settlements to sway public opinions… Still most of you are completelly oblivious to the fact that if intel would not have bribed 80% of the industry to buy exclusively or almost exclusively intel and bias compilers and benchmarks to show intels claimed superiority you would now pay at least 50% less on computer chips. You don’t realise that intel stole from YOU! not AMD, not VIA or anybody else they stole from YOU! by making you believe all the crap they spewed to tarnish AMDs products and to effectively block them out of the market.

          I’m not saying intels products are shit NOW. They are ok now but they MADE you buy crap products by effectively blocking the competition out of the market… Is that the sort of business you endorse? Is that the sort of morality you want from a company? Intel could have easily taken the hit back then and wait for the core2duo series to come up. That would have been the normal way of doing it, take a hit stand on your feet and fight. Not bribe others to not let you into the ring so you can claim a flawless victory. If you ask me any intel owner from 2006 up untill ~2010 should make a class action suit against intel and demand at least a 50% rebate on all products purchased during that period.

        • clasterman

          Actually ATI did have a leg up on Nvidia when they released the 9700 and 9800 series boards back in 2002. It was their first chip based on the technology from their purchase of ArtX (the company that made the N64 chip).

        • thinner pc

          ATI and AMD has more problems than ever before if you believe in having lots of fun on a computer for more than 5 hours. Intel core i7-4750HQ with Nvidia GeForce GTX850M graphics allows you to spend hours and hours on a thinner and faster computer without any problems.

        • john

          5 hours gaming on a i7-4750HQ WITH a GTX 850M … yeah right… pluged in an outlet yeah maybe… on battery … nah never…you got 47W + 40W …not to mention the screen and hdd… riight…

        • why 4K

          No, you will get 4K UHD display on a 15 inch display, 512 GB SSD Drive and a thinner, but consistently fast device without any problem. That processor does apply to 27inch or 30 inch 4K UHD desktop computers without wasteful tower. These laptops use 16 GB of DDR3 SDRAM so you can have a lot of fun without facing lower system RAM problems. AMD never deserve any customers that make 4K laptops at all, only Intel and Nvidia deserve these customers who make 4K laptops.

          Please understand that these specs only apply to 15 inch laptops, 21 and 23 inch desktops, 27 inch and 31 inch desktop computers.

          A lightning fast 15 inch laptop has

          Intel core i7-4750HQ CPU

          16 GB DDR3L SDRAM with protection against leakage related problems if you are spending hours and hours of fun on your laptop without any P.C. breakdowns.

          4K UHD laptop display

          512 GB SSD Drive

          Intel Iris Pro + Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M 4GB Graphics card

          Extreme capacity battery built-in to thinner and lighter <4 ilb's design

          Backlight keyboard

          Faster start-up times

          Thinner, lighter 15 inch laptop design without DVD Drive for maximum performance, speed and reliability and future-ready laptop computing demands

          A lightning fast 21 and 23 inch desktop has following specs

          Intel Core i7-4770R with Intel Iris pro graphics

          4 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M

          2 TB Hybrid Drive (SSD standard Hard Drive performance)

          Thinner and lighter AIO without DVD Drive

          16 GB of DDR3 SDRAM

          Backlight keyboard

          2K QHD Display

          A lightning fast 27 and 31 inch desktop has following specs
          Intel Core i7-4770R with Intel Iris pro graphics
          4 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M

          2 TB Hybrid Drive (SSD standard Hard Drive performance)

          Thinner and lighter AIO without DVD Drive

          16 GB of DDR3 SDRAM

          Backlight keyboard
          4K UHD Display
          AMD never got any customers who build thinner and lighter laptops like razor blade. It is time for a faster and powerful computer.
          4K UHD and these hardware are necessary for long term challenging consumer computing needs.

        • john

          I’d say… stop using drugs… and reading propaganda… and start some reading comprehension classes. Because I only asked you how you will run a i7-4750HQ WITH a GTX 850M laptop for 5 hours… That was the question.

          Now to all the bs you threw up there:

          Acer V5 with 240GB SSD, 8GB RAM(1.6) and A10-5757M chip sets you back about ~750$… that is a fine looking machine set it up with windows 8.1 and you will have a fine looking machine that starts up in 2s (yeah I timed it !) and can watch a full length movie with half a battery to go (full light screen and speakers – the audio is quite good – and yeah I timed that too)… now go build me a i7-4750HQ WITH a GTX 850M laptop for that money and show me how it works for 5 hours on battery. And this baby can run even AAA games.

          What consumers deserve are products that are good for what the consumer needs them for… AMD chips have their place as well as Intel theirs… plus sustaining a company that was fined close to 3BN$ for bribes and other “nice things” blindly like you do just goes to show your level of education and moral values:)

        • Time to have fun

          sure, that laptop has 10 hours of battery life since it has high capacity battery……
          It is now time to focus on faster and stronger computers that do not pose system failures after you spend more than 10 hours a day doing adobe…..
          Look forward to thinner, constantly reliable laptops now, it is much better than AMD A10-5750M….
          Do you wanna have fun for hours and hours like what you have in theme resorts?
          Do you want your laptop to play 4K videos in future?
          4K is not a drain in power, it is innovative and fastest laptop designed for the future.

        • john

          boy oh boy … put those drugs you’re taking aside… you might actually make some sense… This is the last time I answer to your idiotic bot-like comments.

          I have built designer builds running the Adobe suite for the entire day in extensive and intensive usage, no breakdowns what – so – ever!(yeah on an APU!)

          And, I’m 100% positive that you can’t run a laptop with i7-4750HQ WITH a GTX 850M for even 2 hours gaming with the maximum capacity battery currently available on the market (external batteries excluded!)… so spread your bs & misinformation somewhere else… idiot

        • john

          yeah, remember that but it was shortlived from what I remember

        • Fuchur84

          Any again: “Always…”…

      • Fuchur84

        That is more expensive… and if you are fair you need to compare another processor with a dedicated GPU with your one there… it would very likely win, but APUs are made to work WITHOUT a dedicated GPU and AMD is better on GPU processing power there… nothing to argue about there… CPU power goes to Intel, GPU power goes to AMD when talking about APUs…

  • Robert Johnson

    Sounds like the Troller for Intel is in the ocean today with torpedoes at the ready!

    • say no to “AMD”

      If you want a ultimate lighting fast machines, you need i7 if you want to move and have the same experience you have on a iPhone 5S. People who pay $200-300 dollars on iPhones still need to be able to communicate on powerful desktop based world. Do you understand that AMD Does not innovate quickly and intel does more innovation than before?

      • Fuchur84

        Just “No”… actually AMD is more innovative because they must to since Intel has the performance for CPUs on their side… because of that AMD invented stuff like the first APU, huma, Mantel, the first real 4-core and so on. Considering the money they have for their developement compared to Intel, they are really very successful…

      • Zero

        i7? You didn’t used Xeon then…

  • iaudatkam

    Nope, am perfectly happy with my FX 6300, see no reason to move to sucktel.. :p yeah, am a fanboy, so what??

    • Guest

      Intel Core i7 with powerful Nvidia Graphics on my mom’s laptop never crashed on her. Please be advised that Intel delivers fastest, most reliable CPU performance than AMD Beema APU which is very slow after spending hours on your computer screen. The best way you can get faster computer without any problems is by going with intel core i7 because AMD is never future-ready company.

      Nvidia GPU’s are constantly quiet than AMD Radeon’s older noise controller technology.

      Intel and Nvidia combination desktop computers are way faster and stronger than AMD’s older technology.

      Move on to your lightning fast Intel core i7 on HP envy 27 touch P.C. which is better than AMD’s old on design strategy.

      • Steven Kean

        You are obviously not the target audience for these chipsets. The fact is that most people do not need the kind of power in an i7. A HTPC, a user that generally only uses the internet browser, email, and very casual gaming does not need the power of an i7. That is where AMD is targeting Beema. Mullins is targeted at those that want a low cost Windows based tablet for Internet, video, email, etc type of usage. That is why Celeron and AMD based laptops constantly sell out every year around the holidays, people get what they can afford and the power they need.

        • core i7

          You need faster computer if you want to be a lightning fast digital family. Some people bought macs even if they had a i7 processor. Intel core i7 macs are the best selling mac computers than before. Do you understand that future revolves around i7 processors in tomorrows computing world? Do you understand that i7 power is for people who demand in next generation 21st century critical IT by design guidelines?

          In tomorrows next generation web 3.2 world, many home users including my self need a Core i7 processor. If you do not believe me, here is a proof from my mom’s HP Envy touchsmart 15 with core i7;

          “I love this computer and it never has any reliability issues than my old laptop”

          Intel core i7 is designed for future ready and reliant next generation 21st century lighting powered families unlike AMD.

          Lightning powered families means that a family is living in tomorrows multiscreen world with 50 mbps powerful cable internet, ultra fast core i7 based desktop or laptop like HP Envy rove 23, and HP envy touchsmart 15 or Lenovo yoga 2 pro (call them to add Intel Core i7-4650U), iPhone 5/5C or higher, iPad 4 or higher and high end Android 4.x Smartphone/tablet made in 2012 or higher.

          Lightning powered families do not belive in computer problems caused after having a lot of fun on youtube or other html 5 content.

          Intel core i7 is for families that want to move ahead in tomorrows computing space quickly unlike AMD.

          When most people say, “they don’t want i7 processor”, they try to go with AMD which is not going to allow them to move ahead in digital times because they ran out of ideas to innovate. Move on to powerful Intel core i7-47xx processor as soon as possible if you are having problems with AMD Computer.

        • iaudatkam

          Let me put it this way… 🙂

          All these AMD haters just rub me up the wrong way! I’m so tired of reading about their rants! If you don’t like their product who the hell ask you to buy!

          Intel is bigger and better, and their R&D budget surpassed AMD’s total annual earnings, yeah blah blah blah true, but AMD still manage to kick some asses in some quarters. That’s what made me root for them! Against all odds! (y) Guess I love the Goliath vs David thing. It also makes me wonder if their position is reversed and Intel is the smaller one, would it have the innovation and the guts that AMD has? Makes you think? Good…

          AMDFanboy, that’s me m|m…

        • Zero

          Dude, use Xeon then if you want speed!

        • Morten Voigt

          What the he.. have you been smoking…. I have an I7 but cause i need it for gaming and video encoding, i have had several AMD processors,(and intel) all served me well and have lasted for years.

          People have different needs, and my really old rig with a Athlon64 3700+ single core paired with a decent graphics card, is more than sufficent for browsing, spreadsheets and video watching, which is what the majority off people use the machine for.

          It seems like youre poor troll or just brainwashed.

        • innovative computers

          No, I was not smoking at all. I know the facts that if you want to innovate and think about future of running a family in real world and digital world, you need a faster and stronger i7 processor on your desktop and laptop computers. I know some people who love to have a lot of fun on their computer just like what they had in water based attractions, they told me that and I recommended Intel core i7 processor with Nvidia Graphics because AMD Products do not function anymore.

          I had a lot of fun on Google Street View on google maps for 2-5 hours and it was telling me that I still need Intel Core i7 processor on task manager. It was using soo much computer RAM and horsepower which was still working for me. If I had too much fun on Intel Pentium Quad core, with slow graphics or my older Intel Core 2 Quad Processor, I would get a major BSOD for doing that kind of trip even if it was for at least >10-15 minutes. AMD was also giving me that trouble if I was on Google Street view for more than 15 minutes which is why I buy Intel + NVIDIA so I do not ruin my fun time on my computer if I was about to go on Google Street View or have fun using my devices for more than 15 or 30 minutes.

          Intel was the only company to come out with thinner, lightning fast and constantly reliable laptops that never slow down on humans who want to have fun on their laptops. People who love to have fun on computers are people who are likely to require a powerful MacBook devices just like what happened with some of my friends who want faster and powerful computers so they can have fun using a computer without any problems.

          If you want to look forward, innovate quickly and in future, find new ways to go on the desktop computer in few years in a way of having fun, you need Intel Core i7 processor with Nvidia Graphics so you do not have any problems with these new ways of using your device which could lead to computer fire hazard if it was being used for more than a minute.

          People who are looking forward to future needs more powerhouse computer processor like Intel Core i7 with Iris pro graphics which allows you to get lightning standard turbo-charged picture and video quality if you are going on more HTML 5 websites for now and you will get powerful Nvidia Graphics like GTX 850M Speed edition which will allow your computer to render your new and futureristic uses of desktop and laptop in future without any problems for example, you get to make phone calls and take more good looking selfies which would require more Intel and Nvidia processor and graphics power.

          You have to understand that sooner, you will be able to do all 2013 things you did on mobile devices like flat UI experience and Flat iOS 7.x+ style experience all the way to your desktop computer in long term and this is going to cause problems to people who never had Intel Core i7 processor.

          I’m thinking about making and selling powerful, problem free laptop and desktop computers in thinner, lighter designs while working constantly reliable by end of this year with Intel Core i5 or i7 processors along with Iris/Iris pro graphics intergrated along with Nvidia Graphics, free 3 or 4 year Norton subscription, Free upgrade to Windows 9.x, option for Classic shell which stops the use of Modern UI, Windows 7 SP1 for some people who do not prefer Windows 8 and free 4 year comprehensive and reliable tech support which no other computer company can give you.

        • clasterman

          Please, be serious. My son and I have used google street view for hours and also have played many modern games on high settings at 1080P at 40 to 50 FPS on an old AMD Phenom II 965 quad core processor (this chip is from 2009) with an AMD Radeon 7850 graphics card with never a blue screen. You are obviously an Intel/Nvidia fanboy or just an AMD hater.

        • Intel–nvidia

          False, if you are going to be moving towards a new flatter and lightning family experience which I was coming out with since now and go on road travel style street view trips on faster and powerful computer for at least 10 – 15 hours a day, you cannot survive with Intel Core 2 Quad, AMD processors and graphics anymore as they do not support turbo cooler systems at all. Intel Core i7-4750HQ with Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M is faster and stronger powerful laptop computing combination on a thinner and lighter ultra-book style design. If you want a thinner, but a faster computer designed for people who spend more and more time on google street view along with flatter, next generation family culture systems, you need Intel core i7 and Nvidia Graphics. AMD can cause you problems for more than 2 years if you think about using iOS 7 designed flatter human experience with your family and your desktop computers.

  • move to intel

    Please understand that AMD is one of the old by design companies and will have more leakage if you use your computer for 12-15 hours a day. Move on to Intel core i7 powered processors with Nvidia graphics if you want a better and reliable system. AMD is known for reliability issues and we recommend everyone to go with Intel core i7 processor because it is faster and it never crashes on you than AMD. Nvidia GeForce Graphics gives you power to access and do GPU related media activities for hours and hours without any problems. If you do not want any leakage issues with your p.c. after spending hours and hours on your laptop or desktop with smartphones on same wifi, go with HP Envy Rove 27 or HP Envy touchsmart 15 because their computers are leakage proof.

    AMD just wants to advertise or use old by marketing techniques to cause them to put more problems and old on designs.

    Move on to intel core i7 for constantly fast and reliable computing experience, not AMD.

    • 200380051

      wow…You are clearly new to tech stuff my friend….do you even know what leakage is? Please, don’t post comments on stuff about which you lack education. Read more and more, get that knowledge up to par, and only then discuss it.

      • snook

        he is, not to mention I have an FX8350 that has not been turned off for more than 20 minutes total in almost 2 years. unreliable I guess.

        • solution

          Remember, you should consider going with non AMD products. Please move to Intel core i7-4930K along with 32 GB speedy DDR3 SDRAM, Intel X79 chipset, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti. You also need a ultra powerful gaming cooler system which is designed for Intel Ivy Bridge E processor and you will get better and powerful performance than AMD FX-8350. It is more reliable than AMD technology which never lets anyone to innovate quickly in next 2 or 3 years.

        • webduelist

          considering this is made to compete with intel atom. yep the cpu that costs $600 is faster than the one that costs $60, Wow I would have never guessed.

          Seriously tho for a troll I’m surprised you knew your sockets well enough to not recommend a LGA 1150 chipset with a LGA 2011 CPU. *slow clap*

          AMD was also the first to the market with X64, in fact Intel had to copy them to get theirs to work, now they are the first the market with HSA, so the statement “AMD technology which never lets anyone to innovate quickly” is actually completely backwards, they are the innovators and Intel is the one that is stagnating.

        • why intel

          Remember, I used to have AMD Athlon and it caused me to take our computer to repair shops every single day. Intel computers rarely break than AMD’s. Do you understand I never trust any AMD products because they break down on people who try to move and innovate quickly and effectively than before. My intel core i7 processor is soo much better and reliable than AMD’s technology. If you are going to game every day, you need Intel core i7-4930K with GeForce GTX 780 Ti because it delivers faster and more reliable computer performance and graphics unlike AMD which puts some features people do not need because they are not as reliable as before.

          Gamers need LGA 2011 CPU while regular innovative speedy families need LGA 1150 CPU which is Intel core i7 processor.

          What AMD did was to come up with un-reliable and un-tested processor technology because it’s not better than Intel. Intel makes consistently reliable and powerful CPU’s every day. You can go with Nvidia GeForce for ultra-lightning computer graphics designed for people who spend hours online.

          Mantle is going on the old because it is not reliable API innovation, it is putting a buggy API innovation and this allowed all game developers to focus on that buggy API AMD came out with. DirectX is the most reliable API than Mantle because it is soo buggy for people to use a desktop computer.

        • john

          Geez… somebody help this guy he obviously needs professional help.

          I had athlons and built dosens of athlon based systems back in the day… none of them was ever retired because of chip failures all were retired because of obsoletion. Barton was the fried chicken chip not athlon.

          And you bring up a problem with one chip of amd from 10 years ago now?? Are you on drugs or really really retarded??

          About mantle… anotherbs comment i run bf4 on mantle 0 problems… ever!! Wtf are you even talking about??? Can one 140$ intel chip run bf 4 smoothly in hd without a gpu??? Huh?? Thought so now go back to your cave

        • BroccoliFloccoli

          IKR. This intel i7 guy who seems to worship his mom a leeetle too much has some serious lies going on throughout this page. I make gaming computers for clients and I can tell you that there is absolutely no difference in reliability. Intels absolutely do have a leg up in strength per watt, so I do recommend intels if someone wants a recommendation, but they do come in at a premium cost. As far as what is better for reliability and longevity.. all my AMD customers are thrilled and love their machines.. no issues whatsoever.
          Same goes for GPUs. Lately I have been using AMDs a lot for GPUs.. but that may change – I am really liking the power:watt for these new Maxwells!

        • no AMD

          Intel core i7 costs more, but works without any failures if you spend hours on your computer or play games for 10 hours a day. You need to understand intel core i7 with Nvidia Graphics are the most reliable CPU’s and GPU’s than AMD for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Intel never has too much problems as AMD has and you know it.
          If you spend 10 hours a day on your computer, move to Intel core i7 because it is soo much better than before. Intel core i7 on my mom’s laptop with Nvidia graphics never had any problems on her, but if you want more reliable and constantly fast computers, go with Intel for gold reliability, not AMD because my AMD processors keep on crashing on me.

        • Fuchur84

          You really have too much time buddy… get a hobby or do something with your great i7 design rather than writing 500 comments a day about how much better i7 is… first of all: Depending on what you want to do, i7s are not better. AND you support a company which does things like this:

        • correct answer

          You need to understand that this problem only applies to Nehalem Intel core i7-920, 940 and 965 Extreme edition, not newer Haswell based i7 processors. Also, Intel core i7-4770 has more powerful quad core processor than AMD A-10 Quad core processor inside the APU. AMD never has the best preforming quad core as Intel does and you know it.

        • Fuchur84

          AMD APUs are not made to compete with CPU centered processors. They are for low cost, small form factor systems with good GPU performance at a low price. Both things intels APUs suck at. They are better with CPU processing power but loose at the GPU performance. And the whole thing about using APUs is, to get rid of dedicated graphic cards… otherwise you do not need an APU.

          And I never said that “problem” was something about newer processors. It just does not have anything to do with the products but with the company itself.

          I just do not want to support a company who does such things as common business practice… who knows where we would be, if AMD had the chance to sell their products without any unfair restrictions brought on them by a criminal competitor…

        • intel is better

          Intel is the best company and I never had any problems with this Intel core i7 processors and nvidia graphics.

          AMD makes slower processors and graphics hardware than Intel and Nvidia.

        • Fuchur84

          Okay just to ask it again: Why are you talking about i7? We are talking about 5W TDP or 10W TDP or maybe 15W TDP… there is no i7 there… Beema and Mullin are LOW POWER components… and as I have read in several reviews now, these new things are faster than anything else in that direction, for instance:

        • why intel

          So, Intel is the only company that makes reliable computer processor power for 15 W TDP devices. i7-4500U provides reliable, powerful and energy efficient computing performance than AMD because they are offering graphics on low power chips which people do not need. Hi performance graphics drain more battery than Intel intergrated graphics and you absolutely know that.

          Don’t believe me, here is the proof (CPU only)

        • Fuchur84

          Do you have a 15W processor? Your i7 is no 15W processor and there is no indication that you are right with that claim. And why do you think intel is better? This blind test for instance tells exactly the opposite:

          I think both manufacturer produce nice products and while Intel has faster HighPrice-Superfast system, AMD has often better price/performance ratio…

          You are really funny… You just shout some stuff out… without even thinking about what you are shouting. Noone denied till now (Beema & Mullins seem to change that) CPU performance is better on Intel chips. The problem is: It is not CPU nor GPU alone but both together which really are important. And combined AMD is on par or better while being less expensive… and as it seems: The new APUs Mullin und Beema are kicking Intel’s butt at least till 14nm processors von Intel are coming out… but that will take at least till next year.

          So my final question is: Do you get money for this fan bot-behaviour for Intel from Intel? Otherwise I can not see where your motivation is here and why you are ignoring new benchmarks and hese NEW informations here… is you mom working at Intel? Or do you get money from Intel?

        • correct proof (GPU)

          You better understand that while the reason why Intel Core i7 processor is much better than AMD is because their processors can reach up to 3.0 GHz always.

          Also if you combine it with Nvidia GeForce 830M (Maxwell) you get better and reliable GPU Performance than AMD processors.

          If you can’t believe me, check out these results.

          Only Intel core i7-4500U with Nvidia GeForce 830M is better than AMD. If you still can’t believe me, what you spend is what you get.

        • Fuchur84

          First of: More GHz is not always better: If you are after a mobile system (a laptop / notebook instead of a desktop replacement) that does not do you any good. It will result in shorter battery lifes. If you want a powerful computer, get a desktop computer. A desktop computer will always be faster than a mobile computer simply because they can be bigger, have better cooling, do not need to take power consumption into account (at least not that much) and so on. And they will be cheaper, faster and you can built it with a AMD Radeon R9 295X2 (>,3107-6.html) to get fastest performance available… the problem is: You are a very one dimensional thinker… requirements are not only faster but a combination of many different things and you are not at all constructive or neutral in your decissions… a typical fan boy and very likely a paid one… otherwise you would answer my questions there…

        • why intel and nvidia over AMD

          Intel core i7’s that were not better only applies to older Nehalem i7-920, i7-940 and i7-965 Extreme edition. You need to understand that these computer processors that were causing more problems already happened in 2009. I’m only talking about newer Intel core i7 based haswell processors because they are very powerful and speedy than older intel core i7’s that were designed for 2009.

          Please understand that AMD is not better than Intel core i7 because my computer with intel processors never had any problems than my AMD computers. AMD does not have lightning consistantly reliable quad core processors and sometimes 8 core processors are not the best as intel core i7 processors. Intel core i7 is much better than before…. My i7 on my moms laptop is i7-4700MQ with combination of Nvidia GeForce GT 740M Graphics is much better than fastest AMD notebook processor.

          Don’t believe us, here is my proof:

          Mom’s laptop is much better than AMD A-10 mobility laptop and you actually need to understand that

        • webduelist

          “computer to repair shops every single day”

          Lol, only someone who knows nothing about computers would take their computer to a repair shop once let alone every single day.

          “You can go with Nvidia GeForce for ultra-lightning computer graphics designed for people who spend hours online.”

          You mean that thing that takes very little to no gpu usage? Also what the heck is ultra-lightning?

        • final answer

          Lightning means that you get to play heavy duty games every single day for 10 hours without any breakdowns on your computer system. I’m talking about newer games or internet content that needs to work on tomorrows graphics hardware that is more reliable than before. Nvidia GeForce never crashes on my mom when she watches youtube for hours and hours on HTML 5. Lightning means people who have iFamily culture and because more people have iPhones or high end $200-400 dollar on contract smartphones, people need lightning fast computers to communicate in tomorrows speed based device world. The best processor for these gamers who have iFamily attitudes shared by their friends or best friends is Intel core i7 processor with Nvidia Graphics.

        • webduelist

          you know its funny, you would make a really good video sales guy.

          Nvidia GeForce is not something that can crash just fyi, its a brand name its not even hardware or software. That being said explain why my GTX 660s crash while watching html5 from time to time? Or the 3 intel core i7 4770K client computers I had to send the cpu back due to the thermal compound between the die and heat spreader beings crap over the last year. the cpus was hitting 100C and throttling itself. In the time I have sent 3 i7 4770ks back I have sent 0 FX 8350s (and yes clients are requesting builds with them)

        • my experience

          My i7 processors never ever crash on me. My Mom’s laptop has a core i7 processor with Nvidia Graphics and it never crashed on her att all when she was going on HTML 5 websites.

        • Why Nvidia

          Nvidia makes constantly reliable Video Cards. Not all Graphics are same, Nvidia uses Kepler GPU Architecture while AMD uses GCN architecture. If i7 computers slow down, it means that you did not learn how to protect your computer at all.

        • webduelist

          and a GTX 660 is Kepler, yet its drivers still crash. I’m not going to argue Nvidia makes a great reliable gpu but they are not impervious to faults.

          While on the topic of Nvidia cards, which card manufacturer/brand would you go with. Don’t say Nvidia they don’t sell their reference cards, EVGA or ASUS would be a example of a manufacturer.

          “If i7 computers slow down, it means that you did not learn how to protect your computer at all.”

          Or that is was getting up to 100c which is the boiling point of water and slowing down to protect itself. Which is feature intel put into the chip to prevent chip failure. The i7s were made faulty, it has been a problem with all intel cpu after sandy bridge.

    • Medallish

      lol! I know you you’re that fool on VR-Zone who always writes Nvidia Geforce GTX etc. When you could just write the model number. Jesus you’re a sad bastard. Is this really all you do on every site?

      • Pla-3

        It is the fact that Core i7’s are much better and reliable than AMD’s along with $150 dollar Nvidia Graphics.

        • Medallish

          xD nope. An AMD CPU will be perfectly reliable.

        • Intel and Nvidia

          My intel processors are soo much better and faster than AMD. My mom loves her laptop soo much because it has intel core i7 processor and powerful Nvidia Graphics. Don’t think Intel and AMD are same, Intel provides guaranteed reliability for 2-4 years of computing usage while AMD crashes on people after 2 years.

        • webduelist

          “intel provides guaranteed reliability for 2-4 years of computing usage while AMD crashes on people after 2 years.”

          Funny cause both have 3 year warranties.

          “My intel processors are soo much better and faster than AMD”

          They are also $200 more, the thing that is more expensive is faster, that is just mind blowing.

        • truth

          Guaranteed reliability means that your processor and the motherboard works without motherboard or CPU failures. I saw alot of AMD computers taken in best buy repair shop than intel computers because intel cpu’s and compatible motherboards never break down on people.

          If Intel Core i7 processor costs $200 dollars more, please understand that what you spend is what you get. Do you understand that I paid $1000 dollars to get my mom a Core i7 laptop with powerful Nvidia Graphics so she can use hers without having to suffer any problems at all. A cheaper laptop goes to repair shops alot than expansive laptop. “What you spend = what you get”

        • Medallish

          BILLY MAYS HERE!

        • AA

          Tired of u ranting about intel I 7 and nvidia geforce. Go fuck your mum than

        • right expertise

          No, Intel core i7 with $150 dollar nvidia graphics is 100% better than AMD platforms. I’m not raunting about intel i7, I’m letting you know that core i7 machines are soo much better and powerful than AMD”s technology that get more problems according to best buy sales rep than intel core i7.

        • Fuchur84

          No… argueable Nvidia is not 100% better than AMD systems… there is no 100% perfomance nor 100% more reliable gap nor 100% cheaper, nor 100% less noisy or powerhungry (or or or) between those products. Both does what they do quite well…

        • informed decision
        • webduelist

          actually with both AMD and Intel inside 30 days, 1 in 400 PCs will crash due to CPU hardware faults. Out of those 400 PCs 1 out of 4 of them will crash a second time inside 30 days, and then out of those 4 1 of them will crash a third time. All inside 30 days, This is for both Intel and AMD. They both have the same reliability.

          “Guaranteed reliability means that your processor and the motherboard works without motherboard or CPU failures.”

          Intel can not grantee motherboard reliability that is the motherboard manufacturer such as ASUS, or Gigabyte, so which one is more reliable?

          “I saw alot of AMD computers taken in best buy repair shop”

          2 words, Best Buy, don’t buy from them and don’t take your stuff to them ever.

          ” paid $1000 dollars to get my mom a Core i7 laptop with powerful Nvidia Graphics”

          And because its a laptop a AMD 8350 or Core i5 and anything from a R7 260x – R9 290x, or GTX 650 – GTX 780ti will absolutely smoke it.

          Seriously tho, a AMD 8350 or Core i5 3570k or 4670k is more powerful than the i7 that is in your moms laptop.

        • true reason

          No, i have dell inspiron one 2330 and i7 processor is always faster than i5 or amd. I never had any problems with Nvidia at all any you actually know it. Motherboards I have on my machine never breaks on me at all. AMD never has reliability as it comes close to intel. Remember, laptops are not desktops and you have to understand that. Intel core i7 computers are never going to be slower than AMD at all.

        • webduelist

          Lol a dell inspiron one 2330 with a i7 3770s and only comes AMD Radeon HD 7650A graphics, Nvidia GT 525M or intel hd 4000 cpu integrated.

          Any GTX 600 series or higher, or AMD R7 – R9 is better than your mobile graphics.

          In 3/5 test your Intel i7 lost to a AMD CPU, and also lost in overall performance.

          “Motherboards I have on my machine never breaks on me at all”

          rare but does happen, and it is still nothing intel or amd have control over, an ASUS AMD chipset board is just as likely to fail as a ASUS Intel chipset board.

        • it’s AIO desktop

          Remember, it is AiO P.C., not a desktop tower and you always know that. Try to compare HP Pavilion touchsmarts with AMD Processors now because you can’t compare a desktop tower with my AIO Desktop.

        • Fuchur84

          Just a quick question here: This is an article about AMD Beema / Mullin… Why are you arguing with i7s here? Argue with Intel Atom, AMD Karbini / Mullin / Beema or Intel Pentiums / Celerons here… anything else just does not make any sense…

        • Fuchur84

          Alone the “…never break down…” is stupid to say… if they didnt why is there a intel support / repair service for intel? at least be fair and say “intel systems are less often to be shipped in…” – anything else is just embarrassing yourself.

        • BinLogic

          So let me get this straight.. you don’t have a PC but your mom does? Your mommys laptop is your basis for all your nonsense? How old are you kid? 12?

        • Fuchur84

          “My mom loves…” how old are you? Your mom would very likely love a toaster, because she very likely just does not have anything to compare that to… and I am running both my AMD system and my Intel system… both running smoothly for more than 2 years now…

        • Person

          I bought amd processor and using it for approx. 3 years. And for your knowledge it never crashed. But according to you it is not possible.
          May be when i bought the pc the shopkeeper placed core i7/5 instead(that would be more believable theory to you i think).
          Oh another thing i am using amd radeon graphics and it is far better than my friend’s geforce gtx at same price…

        • correct proof

          I’m comparing AMD notebooks, you need to look at the proof

          When you understand that my mom’s laptop is never problematic, you look at this proof. My mom has core i7 laptop and she never had any problem. Her laptop beats AMD A-10 APU at all times.

        • Ben Hallstein

          Everyone, entertaining though this was to read, I think it’s pretty obvious you’re getting trolled by Mr Intel & nVidia Reliable Always here.

          You know what we do with trolls. We ignore them. No matter what they say, we just don’t reply. OK?

        • Antikapitalista

          Exactly – do not feed the troll (with meaningful responses).
          After all, no sane person would use phrases such as “please be advised that…” and expect to be treated seriously, and not as a legalese-sputtering corporate fucktard.

        • Antikapitalista

          That “lightning consistantly reliable” troll who apparently failed to master basic English… 😀

        • yurtesen

          I think when people are brainwashed by Intel’s huge marketing budget, they become biased, a blind test is the best way to tell what is the real truth.