AMD Athlon X4 880K Processor Review & Overclocking to 4.5 GHz

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AMD X4 880K Test System

AMD Athlon X4 880K

AMD Athlon X4 880K Test System

AMD Athlon X4 880K

AMD Athlon X4 880K CPUz

AMD Athlon X4 880K Test System
Component Brand / Model Live Pricing
Processor AMD Athlon X4 880K Click Here
Motherboard Gigabyte F2A88XM-D3HP Click Here
Memory SK Hynix DR3 16GB (4x4GB) Click Here
Video Card EVGA GTX 970SC Click Here
Hard Drive Intel Pro 2500 180GB SSD Click Here
Hard Drive 2 Sandisk Ultra II 480GB SSD Click Here
Power Supply Corsair CX750M Click Here
Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit Click Here

The above listed components will be installed on an open air test bed, and will be tested with a fresh install of Windows 10 64-bit Anniversary edition.  All patches, drivers and firmware will be updated prior to beginning the testing.

All testing is done in a temperature controlled room that is maintained at 72F (22.2C), with a 24-hour burn in being completed before testing begins.  Whenever possible, we will utilize integrated benchmarks, running them three times and averaging the results.

Near Silent 125W Thermal Solution

The AMD Near Silent cooler comes ready to be attached to the motherboard.  Rather than using push pins, screws or some other type of installation method, AMD’s motherboards have a retaining clip already installed, all the user has to do is slide the clips over the brackets and flip the locking bracket into place.  This is an extremely easy and fast installation method.

Taking a look at the cooler itself, AMD has placed a 92mm Delta fan on the top, model QFR0912H, that is rated for 3200RPM, pushing 60.47CFM at 37.0dBA.  The new cooler measures 119 x 100 x 80mm (LxWxH), making it a bit larger than it’s predecessor.  Included on the new cooler is designed like most coolers, with aluminum fins tightly packed to provide more surface area for cooling.  Starting at the base and routing through the aluminum fins, are four 6mm copper heat pipes that are designed to distribute the heat evenly through the fins.

AMD Athlon X4 880K

AMD Athlon X4 880K Bottom of Near Silent 125W Cooler

Taking a look at the bottom of AMD’s Near Silent cooler, we see that the heat pipes do not come into contact with the CPU.  Instead, they are connected to a copper baseplate that has a brushed finish on it.  AMD pre-applies a thermal pad making installation that much quicker and easier.

AMD Athlon X4 880K

AMD Athlon X4 880K CPU and Near Silent CPU Cooler Installed

Many enthusiasts will probably never take a second look at the AMD Near Silent cooler system, however as this is a low cost processor, we will use this cooler so we can evaluate it’s performance.

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  • William Gozali

    I run an 880k with stock fan (Non Overclocked) and my idle temp I got range between 50 to 60 celcius. and when I load game such as Ark Survival Evolved, the temp would rise to 75 – 80 celcius and constantly stays there. After a while, the game would quit back to desktop. Anyone know why I am getting such high reading for my temperature?

    • andrewi

      Airflow. Almost certainly airflow. If your CPU overheats mid game and over 20mins has passed, this means your case is gradually warming up to the point that the air going through the coolers themselves is warm and thus not great at taking away heat. You need to look at your case, wiring and case fans etc etc and get some cool air moving in.

    • jrglol

      i have an 880k i ran it at 4.5 ghz with no problems, but i think the temp readings are inaccurate because i use biostar a88mq mobo which has a temp monitor, i played gta v for about 2 hours then i forced restart the sys, go into the bios and it was reading around 47 celcius. i put my hand aroung the exhuast fan and it warm NOT HOT.

  • Bob

    what was your voltage

  • Max nordin

    I have an 880k clocked at 4,5 and i am never getting over 40 fps and average is below 30fps in GTA v at any resuloution. This is paired with a MSI 960 4gb which would not bottle neck this CPU at all! Is something wrong? I have 8 gig dddr3 ram, stock cooler (running very cool) and a 450w PSU. And yes my GPU is not disabled!

    • andrewi

      Something is very wrong, but it’s not necessarily the CPU. Maybe drivers. I can get 30fps on a 560ti with this chip, and that’s definitely a GPU bottleneck. Look at a bigger PSU as you may be limited there. Remember that 450w is how much it takes from the wall, not how much it gives to your parts so when you buy a $20 450W unit, it can be up to 50% efficient, giving only 200W to your computer and giving you what looks like major gremlins.

  • >savt

    question; why not include an i3 in the comparison for this review?

    • Steven Kean

      I didn’t have one on hand to test 🙁 Wish I could get all the processors needed to cover all the bases. I am looking forward to Intel’s Kaby Lake i3 Overclocking processor though…hope to have one.

      • andrewi

        Guess you need to do a Ryzen 3 one instead with all the news.