AMD Athlon X2 7750 and 5050e Dual-Core Processor Review

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Temperature Testing

We got our hands on several brand new retail boxed heat sinks with factory applied thermal compound, so here are some temperature numbers using retail boxed heat sinks and thermal interface material.

AMD OverDrive 2.14

AMD OverDrive seems like a great idea, but ever time we try to use it the features we want don’t work.  The temperature readings with both the AMD Athlon X2 7750 and 5050e didn’t show up in AMD OverDrive 2.14, so we used MSI Core Center.

MSI Temperature Utility

The MSI Dual CoreCenter Utility was able to read the temperature from both the AMD Athlon X2 7750 and 5050e with no problems at all. Let’s take a look at idle and load temperatures using the retail box cooling solution.

MSI Temperature Utility

AMD’s Cool’n’Quiet technology was disabled for temperature testing as we wanted to see how each processor would do without it. No big shock with the temperature testing results as the Athlon X2 5050e was 8C cooler at both load and idle. To get the idle temperatures the system sat on the desktop for 30 minutes and then at to get load we ran Prime 95 and took the highest temperature of the run.

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