AMD Announces Radeon RAMDisk Along With Dataram Agreement

Over the past year, AMD has launched a series of AMD-branded memory modules, today, AMD announced that the company has teamed up with Dataram, a top developer of RAMDisk software, to give systems more flexibility and performance with a RAMDisk. This basically means that AMD has paid to develop an AMD-branded version of Dataram’s popular RAMDisk software. Nothing too earth shattering here, but we all know that RAMDisk can dramatically accelerate the loading and processing times of games, demanding software suites and web browsing. Various benchmarks have shown that using RAMDisk results in up to 525% faster game load times! You can download a free trial version of AMD Radeon RAMDISK here that will allow you to reserve up to 4GB of your RAM. You can buy AMD Radeon RAMDisk Xtreme for $20 and use up to 64GB of your memory!

AMD Radeon RAMDisk

This collaboration has also allowed us to develop a free, no-strings-attached trial of the AMD Radeon RAMDisk for you to download. This version allows anyone to create a RAMDisk that can reserve up to 4GB of your RAM, while users with AMD Radeon memory will automatically be able to reserve up to 6GB. Finally, enthusiasts have the option of upgrading to the AMD Radeon RAMDisk Xtreme, which allows users to create RAMDisks up to 64GB for under $20USD. When creating a RAMDisk drive with this software, it is important not to use up all your available system memory for your RAMDisk. In order for Windows and other applications to function properly, they need at least 2GB-4GB set aside depending on the amount of system memory you have installed.


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