AMD and NVIDIA Both Adopt OpenCL 1.0 Specification by The Khronos Group

Late this afternoon AMD and NVIDIA both announced their intent to rapidly adopt the OpenCL 1.0 programming standard. AMD will be integrating a compliant compiler and runtime into the free ATI Stream Software Development Kit (SDK) that they offer. NVIDIA on the other hand will be adding it GPU Computing Toolkit so no matter what card you choose both will have support for OpenCL 1.0. Having an open standard that can be used by both companies is a plus for consumers in the long run.

AMD is a founding and contributing member of the OpenCL working group in The Khronos Group, and has consistently been one of the most vocal and active proponents of the standard. AMD is committed to getting this valuable new technology into the hands of programmers as quickly as possible, and is rapidly evolving its free ATI Stream SDK to make it happen. AMD is making good progress on its OpenCL-compliant offering and plans to release a developer version of the ATI Stream SDK with support for OpenCL 1.0 for content developers in the first half of 2009. Working from early specifications of OpenCL, AMD’s engineering team has already started running code on its initial implementation.


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