AMD A6-3650 2.6GHz Llano APU Review

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CPU-Z, GPU-Z and Windows Index Score

AMD A6-3650 APU Stock Clock Settings

Here is a CPU-Z v1.58 screen shot of the AMD A6-3650 APU to show you what everything looks like with the latest version of CPU-Z.  The processor
has a base clock of 100MHz with a multiplier of 26. There are four x86 cores that each have 128 KB L1 cache (64KB data and 64KB instruction) along with 1MB of L2 cache per core. The AMD A6 and A8 series are not Black Edition processors, so that means they feature  a locked multiplier that you can lower the in the BIOS. We haven’t heard any rumors about unlocked or Black Edition Llano APUs. It should be noted that this processor doesn’t have a ‘Turbo Mode’ on it, so it is either running at 2600MHz or at an idle state of 800MHz as seen below.

AMD A6-3650 APU Idle Clock Speed

When the ‘Lynx’ platform is at an idle the APU multiplier drops down to 8 and the core speed of the processor is just 800MHz.


The latest build of GPU-Z is 0.54, but it doesn’t properly detect the Radeon HD 6530D GPU. The Radeon HD 6530D has 320 shader cores and a clock speed of 433MHz. The AMD A8-3850 APU has 400 shader cores running at 600MHz, so the graphics performance on the A6-3650 will be lower than the A8-3850.

AMD A6-3650 APU Stock Clock Settings

We get people asking about the Windows Experience Index Score all the time, so we thought we’d toss it up here for the A6-3650 processor.  For our test system, that you can see the details on the next page, we had a base score of 6.6 with the lowest subscore being from the Radeon HD 6530D GPU that is inside the AMD A6-3650 APU.  The AMD A8-3850 APU has a base score of 6.7, which is also limited by the graphics subscore. The difference between the two APU’s is minor according to this test, but we ran our own benchmarks to see the real differences.

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