Alphacool Shows First 3D Scanned Full Coverage Waterblock

Alphacool has released a ‘sneak peak’ at their first custom cooling solution for video cards made from their GPU Cooler Customization service. With patented 3D scanning technology Alphacool has the ability to produce full cover waterblocks for any non-reference or lower end graphics card. The cooler is made up of three parts shown in the image below. Firstly the waterblock is designed around the ‘core only’ concept but is used in conjunction with the custom made base plate that is made specifically for each type of GPU ensuring the perfect fit. A custom made back plate is also included in the package at no extra cost.


The images below are of the first prototype version that was made from a 3D scanned Sapphire Radeon R9 280X graphics card. The final version will be anodized black, but it looks pretty sweet and you really can’t go wrong with a waterblock and full coverage heatsink. This GPU cooler was said to drop the GPU and VRM temperatures by 40 degrees Celsisus each, which is pretty significant. The running temps on this board are said to be 60C on the VRM and just 40C for the GPU. 

Aplphacool has not yet confirmed pricing or availability, but they company is offering a 3D scanning service for those whose non-reference designs have not yet been scanned. If you have a card that they need to scan, you’ll be able to get a free cooling set for your video card (Plate, block and back plate) when it is returned. The GPU cooler they design for you card will also be added to the product portfolio so other customers with the same card can also purchase the block.

  • Jonathan

    This seems like a really neat idea but I worry that their offer to give a free waterblock to the first person to send in a card for them to scan will make their business unsustainable. In that situation it would be really appealing to buy a very niche, low volume card since there’d be a good chance of it being first, knowing you’ll get a free waterblock for it. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what their prices are, but this looks like a pretty sweet deal since usually only a small portion of each graphics card generation gets waterblocks from the big name companies like EK, Swiftech, Koolance, etc.

    • Ben Young

      Agreed, I bet it’ll be pretty pricey, but pricey has never stopped water-coolers in the past. Plus, it looks really sleek.