Alienware Offers 200MHz Intel Sandy Bridge CPU Overclock For $250!

System builders often offer to overclock systems for their customers when they are configured at the time of purchase. We noticed that Alienware charges $250 to clock the mighty Intel Core i7-2600K ‘Sandy Bridge’ processor from 3.9GHz to 4.1GHz. This came as a shock to us as we were able to overclock the same processor to 4.7GHz and beyond on air with an Intel reference board in our review of the CPU. We checked around and found other enthusiast system builders like CyberPower and MAINGEAR also charge for overclocking, albeit a lot less. CyberPower charges $19 for a 10% overclock, $49 for 20% and $99 for 30%. All of these overclocks end up at a higher clock frequency than what Dell is offering on the same processor. MAINGEAR Computers also offers overclocking from the get go and they charge $49 to max out the system you bought to a level that they deem safe by checking system temperatures. At the end of the day any overclock is nice, but you don’t have to spend a small fortune in doing so!

Alienware Sandy Bridge Overclocking

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