Albatron 6600 512 DDR2 Video Card Review

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With the Albatron 6600-512 coming in at the bottom of our charts you may wonder if this card is for you. Considering this was the least expensive card in the testing it held it’s own well. For around the $100 mark this card gives a good bang for the buck and will allow you to play any of the latest games.

The real value of this card is functioning in a HTPC, it’s very quiet and produces little heat. It can display HD resolutions either through the component adapter or through DVI, and again with the low price point is easy on the wallet.

One area that we were concerned with was that the GPU core speed is advertised at 350MHz though it was actually running at 325.

325 Core Speed

Despite this slight slip up we could find nothing else to fault with this card.

Brian’s Thoughts:

The 6600-512 is a great card for you gamers on a budget, and those of you who don’t spend a lot of time gaming and want something to play the latest games coming out today. If you’re an avid gamer and prefer to run with Anti-Aliasing on then you should probably look at some more expensive options.

I pointed out in our last article that the cooler on that card could be a problem for small form factors and HTPC cases. With the Albatron this is not a concern and still gives you the same HD video option.

Legit Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a budget HTPC card that’s quiet, cool, and may see the occasional game then the Albatron 6600-512 should be on your list.

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