Aerocool Masstige Mid-Tower Case Review

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Like I said before, this is a very attractive case. I really like the look of it with the brushed aluminum sides on the front bezel to the mesh front grills, and even down to the small but attractive window.

The right side of the Aerocool Masstive with the side on.
The left side of the Aerocool Masstige with the side on.

You can see from these pictures that Aerocool wanted to maximize cooling. There are three 80mm fans on the right case panel directly under the window. On the left case panel there is a section that has pre-drilled holes allowing for air to flow from the three case fans on the other side, over the two hard drive locations and out the left side of the case.

The front of the Aerocool Masstige case.
Rear panel of the Aerocool Masstige case.

Looking at the front of the case you can see that the mesh covered drive bays allow for lots of air to enter the front of the case. On the back there are two spots for either 80mm fans or one 120mm fan, which is included. The power supply mounts under the motherboard at the bottom and is inserted from the back by removing the mounting plate.

Open side shot of the Aerocool Masstige
Open left side shot of the Aerocool Masstige

After removing the side panels you can start to see the expansivenesses of the inside. Stretching from the top to the bottom in the front of the case is the drive cage with room for up to TEN devices.

In side picture of the Aerocool Masstige, showing the 10 drive bays.
The internal hard drive bays

Not enough room in there to house your ?artistic nudes? collection? Well your in luck Aerocool give you another two hard drive bays just under the motherboard and above the power supply. They also include a fan mount for installing a 120mm fan into the front of the case. This mount can be moved any where along the front of the drive bay.

The motherboard tray in all its goodness.
The power supply mounting cage

The motherboard tray is not removable sadly but it does at least come with pre-drilled holes for both ATX style motherboards and BTX style motherboards. I will say that the motherboard tray was flimsy, and could use some reinforcement or thicker material. Thats not to say I had any specific issues with it, rather that it just warped, and popped when I pushed on it. I’m sure that its more than strong enough to keep your motherboard securely held in place. At the bottom of the case is where the power supply is housed. It even comes with its own window facing… well what ever you set you case on. This nice little feature lets power supples with fans on the bottom to still effectively cool themselves. I often wonder why more case manufactures don’t implement something like this.

Case fans on the right side panel.
Front panel ports and connections.

Last but not least are the three 80mm fans on the right side panel. Here you can see how they are mounted in all their glory. While not my preferred place to find the power button and front panel ports, Aerocool did at least give us a nice selection. There are two USB2.0 one Firewire, Headphone and Microphone ports as well as the power and reset button up front for easy access.

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