Aerocool Masstige Mid-Tower Case Review

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The Aerocool Masstige arrived in a colorful box that received a bit of a rough hit. The box did its job, and protected the contents admirable, when I opened it up the case was in perfect condition. There were no scratches, dings or any other visual anomaly.

Packaging, front of the box Packaging, back of the box

As you can see the front of the box has a big bright full color image of the case in both color flavorings. On the back there is a diagram of the internals showing all the different features. Both do a good job of showing both the case and the functionality of the case.

Packaging, the case still in its wraper Packaging, the case with all its parts

The case comes wrapped in plastic and protected on the front and back of the case by foam inserts, these inserts are much better than the standard Styrofoam or cardboard inserts found on cheaper cases. Also included with the case in a small cardboard box inside the case is the bundle. It contains ten pairs of tool less mounting devices, three hard drive adapter rails, two pairs of hard drive rails, and assortment of screws, and a small full color booklet showing how to work the various features of the case.

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