AeroCool Announces GT PSU Series for European Market

AeroCool has announced the immediate availability of its new GT range of PC power supplies for the European market. The range offers power outputs between 500W and 1050W, with prices ranging from 58 Euro to 160 Euro. Various features separate the models within this range, such as 80PLUS Bronze/80PLUS Gold efficiency certifications (red & black / black and white colour schemes respectively) and modular cables. The PSUs feature a large 13.9cm fan for silent running, SLI/CrossFireX support and a mesh grille along with various overload protections to prevent any damage to the PC under adverse conditions.


AeroCool GT PSU


AeroCool GT PSU

Aerocool GT PSU series is divided into three groups where the GT-500 and GT-700 power supply units come with attached cables, red finish as well as 80PLUS Bronze specification. Second group includes the GT-500S, GT-700S and GT-1050S power supply units with smart modular cables, 80PLUS Bronze and red color. Last group is made of the high-end models GT-500SG, GT-700SG and GT-1050SG supporting smart modular cables, 80PLUS Gold as well as white color finish. All models are available on the European market as of today for the following MSRPs:

GT 500W: 58,00 EUR
GT 700W: 75,75 EUR
GT-S 500w: 64,65 EUR
GT-S700w: 80,69 EUR
GT-S 1050W: 130,50 EUR
GT-SG 500W: 100,00 EUR
GT-SG 700W: 121,50 EUR
GT-SG 1050W: 160,69 EUR


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