Adaptec RAID 3805 8-port SATA and SAS Controller Review

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Sequential Writes

The next graph show similar results to the sequential reads however this is a large block write performed by bonnie++. This is a simple file write at 6576 MB. This test is mainly good reference for multimedia users such as video editors and DVRs. Gamers will only realize heavy writing will installing applications or building textures on disk.

Image Description

This graph shows the predictable and consistent attributes of each configuration. The raid0-8 setup yields 425MB/sec write speed which is at the present time is the equivalent of Ludicrous Speed. Very few applications will take advantage of this writing ability. Most systems also do not write all that often. In fact most machines probably only write 5%-10% of the time. This benchmark is very important to Video editing professionals and DVR setups. Since they tend to perform more writes than the average user. All of the tested setups provide adequate speed for single stream HD video writing, however the faster configurations allow for multiple streams and reads.

In all configurations writes are more expensive than reads, they take more time and more clocks from the processing unit on the card. What might be confusing is that this test’s numbers are actually higher than the reads. This is because the test on the writes simply used a different test method. What is important to take note of here is the write speed relative to other configurations.

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