abit AW9D-MAX i975 Express Motherboard Review

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The Ultimate Intel 975 Express Motherboard?

When it comes to chipsets no one can deny that Intel has by far the most stable chipsets on the market when it comes to LGA 775 platforms. When a motherboard is powered by an Intel chipset consumers can rest assured that their system is going to function for the most part. The Intel 975X Express Chipset was released last December, which means the Intel 975X is now a mature chipset and believe it or not it’s still Intel’s flagship desktop chipset when it comes to performance platforms.

When talking about Intel performance platforms many company names will pop into your mind, but subconsciously abit should be one of the companies that does. Abit once dominated the enthusiast market and if you’ve been a gamer and overclocker dating back to the year 2000, it’s highly likely that an abit motherboard has found its way into your system at least once. No one can deny that abit has had it rough in recent years, but with the launch of their latest Intel LGA775 enthusiast platform they once again show the world they have what it takes to compete back in the market they once owned.

Abit AW9D Max Motherboard Review

The abit AW9D-MAX was internally named ‘Bushido’ and this board was built with only one thing in mind – to destroy the competition. The word Bushido means the true ‘way of the warrior’, which is rightly so for a board that wants to dominate. The abit AW9D and AW9D-MAX motherboards are based on the proven Intel 975X chipset on a PCB that was designed internally by abit. Supporting dual graphic slots for Crossfire, dual gigabit Ethernet ports, 7.1 channel sound on a daughter card, 100% solid state capacitors and Silent OTES 2 cooling on the chipsets these motherboards are no joke.

abit AW9D-Max Motherboard Review

When we talked to the abit engineers in Taiwan about this motherboard they said to expect a good time with this board and challenged us to push the board to it’s limits and that’s just what LR did with the AW9D-MAX.

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