ABIT AV8 Motherboard

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Game Testing

Epic Games; Unreal Tournament 2003:

Using the full installation of Unreal Tournament 2003 along with the newest patch gives us a very nice real world benchmark!


FutureMark; 3dmark2005*

Results: *While we understand that 3dmark 2005 is fairly new and unproven, we still thought it would be interesting to throw it in here under the gaming benches. It is designed to be an indicator of how gaming performance can be in comparing systems. Though we would say it has not proven itself to be a good benchmark between different branded video cards, it may prove to be useful in judging the differences in similar systems such as we are doing here between these two motherboards. Once again the benchmarks are very close, UT 2003 is essentially a tie, but in 3dmark 2005, the MSI pulls slightly ahead.

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