ABIT AV8 Motherboard

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Test Setup/Benchmarking

Testing Procedure :

  • AMD A64 939 Pin 3500+
  • Abit AV8 (K8T800 Pro, bios ver. 15) & MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (nf3 Ultra, bios ver. 1.2), 1GB (2x512MB) OCZ 3700EB (2.5-2-2-11 – unless noted ), BFG 6800GT OC (61.77 drivers), 36GB Western Digital Raptor 10,000rpm, SATA150 HDD, Windows XP w/SP2 and DX9c.

All testing was done on a fresh install of Windows XP Professional build 2600 with Service Pack 2 and DirectX 9.0c. All benchmarks were completed on the desktop with no other software programs running. No overclocking was done on the video card during any of this review.

Now for the results!

Memory Bandwidth Testing:

Everest 1.1 :

Everest 1.1 is a professional system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program for Win32 platforms.  It extracts details of all components of the PC. It also tests the actual read and write speeds of your memory to give a fairly accurate look of true memory performance.


ScienceMark 2.0 Beta:

ScienceMark 2.0 is different from other benchmarks, in a sense the benchmark tests a series of different memory bandwidth algorithms. To top it all off the assembly source for these copy routines is available online to help assure the benchmark is not biased towards any one platform in particular.

Results: The Abit and the MSI are neck and neck in these benchmarks. Actually it is really to close to call here, as both boards performed stellarly! . The dual channel on chip memory controller certainly allows AMD to score much higher than the single channel onboard solution in these tests.

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