Over 700,000 Players Banned From PUBG For Cheating!

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS reached an amazing milestone this past weekend, passing 20 million copies sold! The game also reached another milestone overnight by posting that over 700,000 PUBG accounts have been banned for cheating. So, about 3.5% of the games user base has tried out cheating at one time or another and got caught doing so. With PUBG costing roughly $29.99 per copy that adds up to around $20,993,000 spent by cheaters!

The good news is that the folks behind PUBG are continuing to work on new anti-cheat measures for this last-man-standing shooter and have some maintenance scheduled tomorrow to implement even more changes. If you want to know how to report a PUBG cheater or hacker be sure to check out our guide!

The Battle Royale game race between Fornite and PUBG is on though as both games passed 20 million players this month. A quick look at PUBG sales shows that over 20.2 million copies have now sold (total retail sales are likely around $600,000,000). With millions of people playing Fornite and PUBG it seems like Battle Royale style games are here to stay.