35 Percent of Smartphone Owners Use Device While Driving

McKinsey & Company surveyed 4,000 people in June 2012 and discovered that thirty-five percent of smartphone owners use their devices while driving! The shocking McKinsey study was released today and is called “Mobility of the Future.”

McKinsey & Company Survey

Of respondents who admitted that they use smartphones while driving, 89 percent said it was for calls, 68 percent for navigation, 39 percent for SMS and 31 percent for using the e-mail or general Internet use. A full 55 percent of those 18-to-39 years old see in-car access to data as important, compared with just 27 percent of people in the 40-to-69 age bracket. Not a big shock there as the younger generations are more attached to mobile devices. McKinsey’s findings were revealed at the Detroit Auto Show.



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