32GB OCZ ATV USB Flash Drive Review

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Rugged 32GB OCZ ATV Flash Drives

With consumers needing more space the 32GB flash drives are a perfect solution for those that always seem to be low on mobile storage space. With this much data on a flash drive it only makes sense to protect it the best you can and for that OCZ designed the ATV family of flash drives as a ruggedized storage solutions for professionals, students, and gamers on the go. They are built to handle whatever rough terrain you encounter. The shock-proof ATV series of flash drives have been around for nearly a year, but only recently has a 32GB version been available and that is what we are looking at today.

OCZ 32GB ATV Flash Drive

The ATV flash drives features a durable and colorful black and blue rubber ‘tread’ housing, which is a 100% weatherproof storage solution to keep digital files safe in any conditions, even fully submerged or frozen in water. The rubber housing has a nice ‘grippy’ feel to it and the only downside to it is that dirt and dust like to stick to it. The 32GB OCZ ATV flash drive isn’t going to slip out of your hand in a normal situation! The picture above also shows the oval LED activity indicator to the left of the ‘ATV’ that glows orange when the drive is plugged in and flashes during data transfer.

OCZ 32GB ATV Flash Drive Back

With the flash drive flipped over, the only difference is the branding on the side, which has the OCZ website listed instead of the product name.

OCZ 32GB ATV USB 2.0 Flash Drive Cap

The OCZ ATV flash drive has a cap holder attached to the chain that helps prevent misplacement of the protective USB key cover. The cap simply pushes onto the cap holder when the drive is plugged into a PC or laptop as seen above. A capless design would have been nice, but to each their own. The chain can quickly and easily be fastened to your key ring for better portability.

OCZ 32GB ATV USB Flash Drive USB Connector

The business side of the 32GB OCZ ATV flash drive gives you a better look at the USB connector that is usually hidden by the protective cap. The above image also shows how thick the rubber ‘tread’ housing is. We’ve used the 32GB OCZ ATV flash drive for a number of months now and as you can tell from the above images we have yet to even scuff or scratch the rubber housing.  OCZ claims that the ATV series of flash drives are ruggedized and able to handle abuse and we have confirmed that and then some. If the 32GB OCZ ATV flash drive ever fails, you can sleep easy knowing that it carries an industry leading lifetime warranty, which is rare for flash drives.

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