2GB for the Masses – Corsair’s 4000PT and 3500LL

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The Final Say

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Jason Petermann’s General Thoughts and Conclusions:

So, what do we say about these two kits from Corsair?  First off, we would say that Corsair has two very decent kits on their hands in these modules.  They are both very flexible to speeds and timings that can be used.   The PC-3500 did very well in its speed range, and would be the choice we would make between the two if we were shootin gfor the DDR 400-500 range.  The timings that you are able to run on these sticks are nice.  Over DDR500, the PC-3500 recommendation ends, and you need to then look at the PC-4000.  These are also nice sticks, and did a fine job even at lower speeds as it kept up with the PC-3500. 

Now, the question is this: Do I need 2GB of ram in my box?  I would like to answer that in 2 ways:
1. Yes, you do!  If you are a gamer, todays games are starting to push our rigs like never before.  I can see a huge difference in games like BF2 as I play with both 1GB and 2GB.  With 1GB I have sporadic stutters that I never experience with 2GB in the box.

2. With the upcoming release of even more games that will be as demanding, and the release of Window’s Vista in the near future, you would be doing yourself a dis-service by NOT going to 2GB as you build a new box or upgrade an existing one.  Nathan looked at this situation in his article “The Future Of Computer Memory.” It would certainly be worth your time to read his thoughts as well if you have not already.  

Just like everything else in hardware technology, everything expands in capacity.  DDR is no different.  Eventually we will be required to have 2GB in the box if we want to run certain games and OS’s.  That just comes with advancement, and we have to go along with it.

Legit Bottom Line: 2GB in the box is here to stay.  And if you are going to have it in your box, both of these kits from Corsair are worthy to have.  Corsair is known for performance and quality, and it is no different with these modules.These should be on your list to look at as you shop for your 2GB upgrade!

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