2GB for the Masses – Corsair’s 4000PT and 3500LL

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Far Cry and AquaMark3 Benchmarking

Far Cry

Far Cry is another super popular FPS title that seriously taxes your systems graphics. HardwareOC developed this specialized benchmarking utility that automatically runs the test twice and averages out the score. V 1.41 was used here, with a resolution of 1024×768 and detail levels set to high.





AquaMark3 is a powerful tool to determine reliable information about the gaming performance of a computer system. Again, resolution was set 1024×768.




You can see the obvious in these tests, tighter timings bring better performance.  We have known that, so it comes as no surprise.  On the A64 platform, many times you would actually have better system performance, even when overclocking, by using a divider and running tighter timings.  Raw speed cannot always make up for tight timings.  Let’s take a look at overclocking!

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