24 ATI Radeon PCI-E Video Cards Benchmarked

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Cleaning Out The Closet For Our Readers

Not many publications have the ability to show performance of a dozen video cards over several generations of GPU’s, but that is exactly what Legit Reviews has been able to do.  We’ve taken a handful of our ‘retired’ graphics cards out of the closet to get some updated benchmarking numbers.  In 2005 and 2006 we tested all of the graphics cards on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor, but now that the Intel Core 2 Duo processor is the hot item we have moved over our testing platform to bring you numbers that you can actually use.

Other than updating the hardware used for the testing we also used ATI CATALYST 7.2 drivers on all of the graphics cards, which greatly improved the performance on some of the older cards that we haven’t used in over a year. By running the latest drivers on all of these cards we were able to see just how well older cards stack up to the latest and greatest on some newer game titles.  Other than improved gaming performance on older cards we also found some things that were very shocking and not supposed to happen.

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Video Cards Used In Our Testing:

Armed with the above 24 graphics cards (24 individual cards) we set off for days and days of benchmarking to bring you some performance charts that our readers could actually use to help judge on what upgrade would be the right move for them. We are also doing this for all of our NVIDIA cards, so be prepared for some big performance charts when the upcoming NVIDIA and ATI Products are released in the coming weeks.

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