1GB IronKey USB Flash Drive With Hardware Encryption

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The security on this drive is clearly second to none.  Anyone business owner that deals with sensitive information really should consider these drives.  If there is a even a slim chance that the data could be stolen or lost this is the drive for you.  With security breaches and lost data from companies and even our own governments its possible that electronic companies are now pushing themselves into a direction that will make IronKey the gold standard for other companies to look up to. 

While the IronKey distinguishes itself from the competition in its features like encryption, secure browser, and overall security features, it seems a no-brainer for any security conscience company to opt for a drive in this genre.  In the larger scheme of things 80$ is a small price to pay for piece of mind and security.

Legit Bottom Line:  If your not looking for a Flash Drive with Hardware Based encryption, this is not the drive for you.  The Ironkey is priced in line with other drives in its category, but still offers many features that the other do not.  The 1GB IronKey Flash Drive clearly stands out in the crowd.

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