13 Intel Core i7 LGA 1366 CPU Coolers Compared

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Titan Fenrir

Core i7 CPU Cooler Roundup

New to Legit Reviews is Titan. Until now I had not heard of Titan; to my surprise they have been making aftermarket coolers since the early 90’s. Only after trying to shop for other Titan coolers I found my reason for not having heard of them: no distribution in the US, but they do on other side of the pond. They are working on getting a presence in the US. Having never seen nor used a Titan cooler I have no clue what to expect from the Fenrir.


  • Model: TTC-NK85TZ
  • Cooler Outline Dimension: 156 x 124 x 107 mm
  • Fan Dimension: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Current: 0.32A
  • Rated Fan Speed: 800 ~ 2200 RPM +/- 10%
  • Noise Level: <17.2 ~ <39 dBA
  • Static Pressure: 0.02 ~ 0.11 InchH20
  • Bearing Type: Z-axis Bearing
  • Dimensions of Heatsink: 108mm (l) x 97mm (w) x 88.5mm (h)
  • Mean Time To Failure: 60,000hrs
  • Compatibility
  • Intel Socket 775/1366
  • AMD Socket K8/754/939/AM2/AM2+/AM3
  • Thermal Material: 1 Syringe of Titan Royal Grease thermal compound
  • Core i7 CPU Cooler Roundup

    The name Fenrir roughly translated means “monstrous wolf.” That would explain the tribal logo. The fins of the Fenrir are stamped aluminum.

    Core i7 CPU Cooler Roundup

    The Fenrir is a HDT or Heatpipe Direct Touch cooler. This style of cooler is getting more and more popular, as it’s an easy way to cut weight.

    Core i7 CPU Cooler Roundup

    The Fenrir comes with a wide range of mounting parts to allow for you to mount it to your favorite CPU socket.

    Core i7 CPU Cooler Roundup

    The Fenrir makes use of a snazzy looking chrome plated 120mm fan. It’s held in place with spring clips.

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