120mm Water Cooler Round Up w/ Cooler Master, Scythe and Zalman

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Zalman LQ315

     Zalman LQ315 box     Zalman LQ315 Specifications:

  • CPU Compatablility
    • Intel socket 1150/1155/1156/1366/2011 
    • AMD socket AM2/AM2 + / AM3/AM3 + / FM1/FM2
  • Water Block & Pump
    • Dimensions: Ø65 x 32T
    • Base: Pure Copper
    • Water Pump: Enclosed Type
    • LED Color: Blue
    • Weight (Water Block): 195g
    • Connector: 3 Pin
  • Radiator
    • Dimensions: 153(L) x 120(W) x 38(H)mm
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Tube Length: 300mm (11.8 inches)
  • Fan
    • Dimensions: 120(L) x 120(W) x 25(H)mm
    • Speed: 900 – 2,000rpm ± 10%
    • Bearing: Long life bearing
    • Control Method: PWM Control, Auto Restart
    • Connector: 4Pin
    • PWM Duty Cycle: 30 – 100 ± 5%

 Zalman LQ315

The first Zalman unit in the round up is the LQ315. It is a single 120mm radiator unit of Asetek design. The tubing is flexible rubber, 12.8 inches long. The difference between the Scythe APSALUS III 120 radiator and the radiator for the Zalman LQ315 is the housing. The LQ315 is slightly thicker at 38mm rather than the Scythe APSALUS III 120 27mm, but on both the thickness of the fins look to be the same. Just the gap between the fan and fins in larger on the LQ315.

 Zalman LQ315 base top

The top of the base has large Z in the center backlit with a blue LED light. Around the outer edge reads “Zalman liquid cooling solution”

 Zalman LQ315 base bottom

The base comes with thermal paste pre-applied.

 Zalman LQ315 accessories

The Zalman LQ315 comes with all the hardware needed to mount it to all the modern CPU sockets.

With the system powered up there is a slight glow from the back light on the base.

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